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    Hello friends!

    Today I am here to announce that we have new positions available here at CC. As with everything else in life, running a server is a learning process. That is why I'm making efforts to expand our team with more inspired and creative minds that love games and everything that goes into creating them. This journey is not one that can be accomplished with such a small group of people. We are in this together.

    As of right now we have four new positions that are in need of filling. Some of them are paid, and some of them are not, but have the potential to be paying in the future.

    Community Manager

    The first position is for a Community Manager. We're looking for someone who loves Minecraft and multiplayer games in general, who is able to commit at least 2 hours a day to the server. The traits that would be ideal for this person are someone who is loyal, dedicated, very friendly and humble. The Community Manager's job would be to listen to player feedback in-game, speak regularly in discord pub chats with players and to overall help create a better bond between us and our players. Creating friendships through games is something I am very passionate about and anyone who would like to apply for this position should take the same approach.

    Gameplay Designer

    The next position available is for Gameplay Design. This person would be someone who would work very closely with me and other staff with brainstorming new concepts for gameplay and improving on existing ones. The idea behind this is just that two heads are always better than one, and I would love to have someone who I consider a friend of mine that is interested in creating a better experience for everyone. The traits I would like to see for this position are creativity, intelligence and someone very keen on solving problems. It would help out loads if you have a lot of experience with other servers and games. This person would ideally help with both Factions & Survival, and even future gamemodes. To be clear, no coding is involved with this, it's just theory and conceptual.

    Level Designer

    A Level Designer is an individual who works with us to create stunning and immersive maps. By default, this is a volunteer position, but it can be a paid one if the applicant displays adept knowledge of design and level production. Please do not apply for this position if you do not have examples of previous work. The work must meet a certain standard of quality for the applicant to be considered.


    We are looking for someone who is able to create motion picture entertainment in Minecraft. Some examples of work this position would be doing are things such as advertisements, trailers and short films. This is a paid role and you would be paid on a commission basis.

    Web Developer

    There is a position that needs filling as a Web Developer. This one is pretty straight forward, but knowledge of Xenforo, HTML, CSS and MySQL are required. This is a paid position.

    YAML Developer

    We are looking for someone capable of creating interactive and immersive battles through a resource known as Mythic Mobs. If you are capable of creating amazing and entertaining works through this plugin, please get in touch with us. This is a paid position, and you will be paid on a commission basis.

    Thank you for your interest and support of the server. If you would like to know more about these positions, feel free to message me personally about it! You can see all of the requirements on the applications thread here:

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  2. xMetu

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    Good luck to everyone who chooses to apply to these positions
  3. Jamm

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    Another position has opened for Level Designers. This is by default a volunteer position, but it can be paid if one is knowledgeable and able to produce quality and immersive maps own their on in a timely manner.
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    my man makin plays : ) gl to everyone who applies
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  5. gaenotch21

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    just made a application would appreciate it if ya can check it out and give some feed backs.
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    They hated it.
  7. Jamm

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    The Builder position has been re-opened. A Builder is similar to a Level Designer, but focuses only on the hands-on building process. They help bring the designer's ideas to life. A Builder may not have the creative insight that a Level Designer does, but they are able to follow instructions and contribute meaningfully on a project without constant guidance.

    You can find more information about the requirements on the applications page here:
    Be sure to include screenshots of your previous work if you apply.
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    Dam nice
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    100 iq he posts farms everywhere
  11. Jamm

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    A Web Developer position has just opened. Extensive knowledge in CSS and HTML is required. This is a paid position. Feel free to recommend this to a friend if you know someone who does freelance web development.

    There is also an opening for an Art Director. We are looking for someone very talented in digital illustration, who has experience creating (illustrated) game assets and imagery.

    You can find more information about the requirements on the applications page here:
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  12. alvar04

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    Good luck to all applicants, really want to come back to the community to try out some new things I learned about Minecraft and its mechanics on the server
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    Is this for creating mazes , minigames , troll maps and etc ??

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