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Discussion in 'Factions' started by Goazart, Apr 6, 2019.

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    Obvious that i'm qualified, I can mine diamond & build house!
  4. RazotayX

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    Straight Tebl
    Jkjk dont get pissed off.
  5. Kmo

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    cough cough im the only og goats member here :)
  6. Alohaa

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    kmo i was there 2 nerd
  7. dizzyy

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    Ign: dizzyy
    Reason: I’m a good PvPer for one and can match up if not get the best of most people on Invasion. I’m also a pretty good base designer and wall patcher. I’ve been looking for a active Faction that doesn’t only play for ftop and pvp, but one that does raids, base builds, designs, ect. I’ve been an active member of the community for about 6 maps straight (with little breaks) and I’ve always had something to offer up for competitive factions. I’ve been trying to get back into the Faction mix but no point in that really if everybody is just going for FTop. THis wasnt Breezys app for it but ngl Squids are 10397382758263895678031284236981649786x better than goats. * Does Take THe L* ( and where are the squid spawners at? i ask alot i wanna get 1 xd )
  8. dizzyy

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    Who is he pointing to? Im just confused atm
  9. langman

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    Reason: i can help pvp and im very good at building very organized bases within tight or big spots based of the landscape. Goats <3
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    goats r gae
  11. langman

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    LMAO get off server then no balls
  12. dizzyy

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    btw guys im a goat but im actually a squid

  13. dizzyy

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    Our child is a Squoat.
    Think he's ugly?

    Look Here --> afwqfwafwawfwa.jpg
    He is as sexy as Goazart
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    The picture which is me :D
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    Yea no your kicked for sure now.
  16. dizzyy

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    ( the spongebob is clearly trying to point to someone )
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    IGN TXRIV reason IM Txriv :)
  18. YouBeCombo

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    ***** dm me
  19. Txriv

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    ill be back soon
    dw bby
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