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Discussion in 'Factions' started by EvolvedTV, Mar 16, 2019.

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    -=Conspiracy Craft=-
    Just random Factions ideas for CC. -My opinions only, leave feedback below.

    ***Disclaimer*** This list will be updated frequently by me
    ***Disclaimer*** I will make specific lists on other things later
    ***Disclaimer*** If you want more information on an idea just ask, i may elaborate

    1. Spawner Level (On certain spawners, faster spawning/more mobs etc) (Obtained by Money/Killing certain amount of <x> mob)

    2. /warp cannon (shows cannons, and base defenses (non-donors)) special block that auto-builds certain cannons (donor)

    3. time-played rewards

    4. challenges /challenges (awards on certain challenges. New challenges weekly)

    5. Special TNT/creeper eggs sold in shop, (Does bigger radius damage/etc) aswell as /buy (Donors get 5%-15% cheaper)

    6. New Custom Enchants (not pvp based) (Tool Enchants)

    7. Non-Donors Can automatically fly in faction territory, and spawn only aslong as not in combat (must be out of combat for 1min)

    8. Weekly events

    9. Mine spawners with hand only (except if naturally found. Cost per mine differs between spawner type)

    10. Buyable genbuckets of "building blocks" in /buy

    11. Players drop head on death, these heads are valued based on player info (Bal/Kills/Rank/Etc)

    12. Bounties

    13. Quests (Crates, /buy only) gives coordinates to a random area in warzone (protected from outside harm/influence) where you fight bosses/mobs, loot dungeons, complete puzzles, etc to obtain certain random items

    14. Better balanced economy (not just ig's basically, other mob drops, farms (cactus/sugercane) sell decent, specially for non-donors)

    15. Custom mob heads (Achieve by killing a certain mob x amount of times/levels/prestiges that you put over helmet, thus granting certain effects)

    16. Event themed warzone/spawn (Updated only minorly during certain events)

    17. Experiment with factions cores (maybe non-donors only?) that make it either slightly more difficult/time consuming to raid a base, or maybe just a new way to raid) idk to expand on the ideas purpose: push more players to build bases, and actually play factions instead of just pvp

    18. Cosmetic perks/abilites granted via mcmmo rankup, along with sethomes, minor kits, and minor other commands

    19. Updated /koth command that shows location, rewards, currently capping, current status, maybe history of whose capped (recent)

    20. Monthly/Holiday crates that grant specific themed items (/buy, everyone gets at least 1 or something tho)

    21. /tinkerer (tools/armor) (find something to make xp useful) (If ce's are on you should be able to tinker books for dust)

    22. new koths every other month? or month? (every once in a while rotate old koths in)

    25. New shop with (<x> day deals (maybe 3 day, or weekly) that give a certain % higher price)

    26. Ability to break blocks with hand (/buy (doesn't effect mcmmo)

    27. Monthly grind lists (command /grind or something (example most kills of the month, highest mcmmo, etc. Gives certain random rewards to top 5 players in list) (Basically leaderboards)

    28. /xp withdraws xp into bottle o enchanting (be used to trade with players)

    29. factionwide/serverwide boosters (/buy boosts x value for faction/entire server (mcmmo, sell, etc)

    30. Balance feature (non-donors: 2 /pv's, donors only 1) Reason: Encourages donors to defend base, Encourages non-donors raid more, with better results due to less items being insta stored

    31. Auto Grind bot (/buy 1 time only (custom ai that auto grinds certain resource (farms/spawners)

    32. /rps (limited to 3 uses per 48 hours to balance (Best out of 3 wins certain amount of money (decided by users?)

    33. /lottery (lottery tickets needed to enter limit 12 tickets per user tickets only obtainable by certain grinding/challenges)

    34. Consistent server wide events (pvp events, koth events, build events, etc)

    35. Increased /vote rewards ($500-1000 per link?, 1 key, random tag, random item, ability)

    36. [item]

    38. /warp resource (custom world that resets every 2 weeks/month, cannot build in but can find spawners, mine, etc)

    39. Sell mob heads

    40. All items (except when killing a player, or other circumstance) get instant teleported into the players inventory to reduce any extra entity lag

    41. Custom kits that grant custom abilities (/buy cant be used in pvp, warzones)

    42. /warp nemo (Safezoning fishing, Fishing levels up mcmmo aswell as you have a chance to find random items: shipwrecked loot, aqua bosses, random items)

    43. 2-4 active staff trained to ss, spot hackers (Mods)

    44. 2+ active staff managing chat (Helpers)

    45. New Staff position "Event Manager"

    Thanks. -Zach/EvolvedTV
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  2. giga_08

    giga_08 Well-Known Member

    Hmm, some of those stuff are already on the server, but you indeed gave out some really good suggestions, one of them is spawners being mined by hand, i like that since hand mining is slower than pickaxe mining, maybe we could have a plugin where we can fish in lava for custom op items?
  3. EvolvedTV

    EvolvedTV Fresh Spawn

    Yeah some of these things are on the server in some form, however i did propose changes to these things (if they were already somewhat implemented). Regardless thanks for the feedback, i think that would be cool tbh, instead of fishing in water, we could do it in lava. I might make a plugin like that tbh.
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  4. giga_08

    giga_08 Well-Known Member

    Wait, you know how to make plugins?
  5. EvolvedTV

    EvolvedTV Fresh Spawn

    Yeah, that's actually what i used to do in my free time.. well just coding in general really. Its been 3 years since any major project though so i'm "shaking the dust off" a little bit lol.

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