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Discussion in 'Rejected' started by eldurote, Mar 12, 2019.

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  1. eldurote

    eldurote Fresh Spawn

    ign: cuban

    Name: cuban

    punished by: n/a

    server banned on: factions

    date punished: 3/10/2019

    punishment type: perm ban

    punishment length: permanent

    reason for ban: recently banned

    reason for unban: Recently i got banned for 15 days for hacks. I did my time when i got back on the server the same day a moderator froze me and said i heard you been hacking he probably didn't know i got my punishment recently, and then he perm banned me please help because i already did my time and now they blaming me for nothing. Thank you and help me please.
  2. Sneakyboy27

    Sneakyboy27 Member

    That's dumb u can't get ban again if u already get punish for hacking in the first place, report this to the staff member who banned u in the first place because a next staff can't just jump in and make you get perm banned when your punishment is over even if u take it off that day he can't just do that

    And he also hidden his name it must be a new staff member or something idk but if its jamm then ur screwed dude

    +1 because of a unfair perm ban
  3. Billynguy

    Billynguy Admin Staff Member

    You were alting and hacking on the alt. I'll think about reducing it but I suggest you apologize in the first place and try to avoid bypassing your punishments from now on.
  4. YouBeCombo

    YouBeCombo Well-Known Member

    Yea what my mans billynye said
  5. eldurote

    eldurote Fresh Spawn

    ok i apologize, but my main account is cuban just so you guys can know thank you
  6. eldurote

    eldurote Fresh Spawn

    billynguy you ip banned me please check that out
  7. Zenark

    Zenark Member

    try to at least sound sincere. "ok I apologize" is not a sincere apology. -1
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