Ena's Ban Appeal

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Does this ban even make sense?

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  1. Thread Title: (Banned for scamming??)

    Username: (Ena)

    Punished by: (HewittAssassin8)

    Server: (Survival)

    Date punished: (2/13/2019)

    Punishment type: (ban)

    Punishment length: (5d)

    Reason: (So first let me explain why I was banned: 3 or 4 days ago while killing a boss on /warp pvp I see Panagiotis4 near me (who is a teammate) with Brayen next to him.Panagiotis4 hit Brayen one and battle tagged him and I hit him with bow in order to kill him. Let me mention that after 2 shots Panagiotis4 sais in chat"Ena No". Then brayen logs out while battle tagged and dies, I get his items and return back to my /home. Thing is Panagiotis4 said to Brayen that he can come to pvp and he won't die but he never told me about that before Brayen's death. Ofc Brayen asked me for his items back after he logged in again but I never gave the items back because I do not feel I should. This was the scenario that Hew claimed as "Killing Under False Pretense(scamming)" and this is the reason I got banned)

    Plea: (Now the reasons I ask an unban is 1st of all because Panagiotis4 never told me about Brayen coming so I had no concern neither I agreed not to kill him. 2nd of all it clearly says in the rules that "Items that you lose will not be refunded, regardless of who took them, who you had an agreement with, or whatever situation you might think is unfair." so according to rules my action is not illegal. 3rd and last reason is that there is no proof that I scammed Brayen somehow regardless the agreement he had with panagiotis4. The business between Brayen and Panagiotis4 is none of my concern and I do not believe that I have to follow their agreements without my consent. Let be noted that Brayen had me /ignored before I kill him so how was I able to scam him without talking?
    In the end of the day Brayen jumped on his own Free will and as mentioned in rules "You must accept the condition that if you die in either warp, you will lose your items (and XP). You will not be refunded as the decision to jump down and participate would've been entirely up to you." he is the one that is not accepting the rules and not me.

    Taking in account all the above this ban seems nonsense to me and I would like to see the evidence of me scamming Brayen (even though I had no way to communicate with him) on which you justify this ban.


    Thank you for your time, I can provide any logs you might need or further explanations
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  2. Osleya

    Osleya Active Member

    I don't think it's right to be banned for this even if you knew.. People must know that PvP isn't a safe place before jumping and trusting anyone in there is their own responsibility. But you weren't the one to make the "deal" anyway, how is this a scam lmao.
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  3. xdCyanide

    xdCyanide Mod Staff Member

    I also tried to explain to Brayen that getting killed in /warp pvp isn't illegal, but he doesn't understand/is not trying to understand. +1 Ena, you did nothing wrong.
  4. giga_08

    giga_08 Well-Known Member

    more false bans coming from hew, @JammTheGoat do something about him, this is just getting out of hand.
  5. YouBeCombo

    YouBeCombo Well-Known Member

    +1 for ban
  6. Hewittassassin29

    Hewittassassin29 Mod Staff Member

    As Tan said we don’t usually punish for this but Ena is going to be the reason we loose warp pvp. He has done it about five times know, and each time a storm fires up. Ena on this case felt the need to get main chat involved and I had to deal with Dawson since he can’t keep business over messages. Taking stuff worth merely 50k and charging 2 mil is garunteed to start stuff. Better to kill or atleast post pone a disease then let it spread. After some discussion with staff we came to a conclusion.

    Sorry but this is friendly survival, keep it that way.

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