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Discussion in 'Evaluated' started by Majid, Feb 11, 2019.

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  1. Majid

    Majid Fresh Spawn

    Thread Title: Stealing Stuff

    Names of players involved: xXLoukiaGrXx (He is only person who had my trust in my claim)

    Witnesses: Stole my shulkerbox and it's contains

    When the incident occurred: About 02/10/2019 (About 48 hours ago)

    Evidence: I chat with him to give it back. There's end of our chat screenshot.

    Paragraph of what happened: I had a red shulkerbox and some stuff in it ,contains 32 Enderman pearl.He told me I help you in your building. So I give it trust in my claim. I got offline to have dinner, When i get back and go to put some other stuff in it ,I found it's not there!

    I chat with him to give it back without reporting. He insist on he found it dropped and who find sth can keep it.But when I left game, the shulkerbox was placed in my house!
  2. Sami_Darkangel

    Sami_Darkangel Conspiracy Bot Staff Member

    He definitely stole your shulker box, mate.
    29.78/h ago - xXLoukiaGrXx removed red_shulker_box.
    35.20/h ago - Majid placed red_shulker_box.
    I've rolled back the area (so you should get your box and its contents back) but I'll have to delete the box he originally stole (which is still in his inventory, and the only time when I can access his inventory is when he's online) before banning him.
  3. Majid

    Majid Fresh Spawn

    Thanks for your time
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