How to use /skin and make your very own (for dummys)

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    Hello everyone! Welcome to my thread to teach you how to use /skin (if your a newbie).

    To change skin do /skin (name), all skins come from a website name "nameMC". If you are using a player name that comes with a skin then you are lucky to have that as your default skin, but if you have chosen a name that don't comes with the skin then you will get a Steve/Alex skin. Any name you type up on the website you can change it to that skin in the game but using skins like "robot/hotanimegirl" will cause you a warning or worst....BAN so chose carefully.

    Making your own skin
    Making your own skin is not that difficult, even if your not experienced with doing so. The way you can do that is to make an account on Mojang (Premium account needed), Tlauncher which is a free account that can allow you to upload skins and some more launcher I don't know about. The launcher i am using is Tlauncher and the way I can be able to use my custom skins is to download a skin on nameMC or other Mc skin sites, change it up to make the skin original with my hand craft work using gimp 2.0+ and upload it to Tlauncher but to make it work you have to use OptiFine.
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    Omg so helpful!1!!

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