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    server dying. pce out

    jk here's my opinion on what i think on what's good for everyone on factions ( i know im not suppose to give my opinion 'cause no one cares but ok fuck u )

    Donor perks updated/Buycraft menu updated

    1.Make pvs double chests and make them instant i don't get why do you have to wait for pv for 3 seconds and it cancels when you move a little or something i pretty think it's useless tbh just a waste of time and only having a single chest of pv isn't a lot of storing shit you don't want to lose in your faction vaults

    2.Make an command for instant feed or a command where your food bar doesn't go down having /feed where you have to do it every minute is aids ( from what i heard from players who got it )

    3.Add perms for Knight-Warlord or a certain mcmmo rank where you can have a potions gui where you can have a certain potion effect for an infinite number of time this can be really useful when people grind ( specially regen,strenght and speed ) it depends on what donor rank you have for the number of pot effects you can use

    knight-guardian = 2 potion effects

    crusader-bmage = 3 potion effects

    evoker-warlord = 4 potion effects

    4.Give lesser ranks like knight-bmage more perks i personally think that a knight rank that costs $10 isn't that worth it you can only have /afk /kit knight /warp dxp ( which isn't good ) /afk /colors for a $10 rank it isn't that worth it tbh ( some people say /afk itself is worth it for $10 ) but most of the people don't even place spawners in fear of getting targetted by giga or some phasers more perks added to every rank ( mostly lesser ranks like knight-bmage or just knight-crusader ) would be great

    5.Now i know Jamm you haven't updated buycraft for a while it even says "gives conspiracy keys" to the people who've been playing on the server long enough to know this doesn't exists anymore wouldn't fell for it but those who just joined and likes the server and looking to buy a rank and sees that it gives you a "good $1 worth key" is just false advertising you should really update it a little more

    6.Adding more into server's buycraft Add staff like:

    1.In-game money


    3.Spawner boosters ( cost depending on the boost level and on the time )

    4.More keys ( cost depends on how good the key is but should just keep it at the $0.50-$1.50 range )

    5.Add more commands that people can buy ( custom ones )

    6.Add more custom tags

    Faction Ideas/Updates/New shit

    1.Remake that 8 hour koth bs it's not even worth the loot plus you'll probably lose more than you get it's basically 10-24 keys ( depending on koth ) where you can open at koth crate ( lemme say it's not bad but not good either ) 24 keys is a lot ranging from money-spawners-armor some of these mentioned "spawners" and "armor" are p6 p7 p8 p9 and zombie skeles ( if im not mistaken ) which has a high chance of you getting it and basically waiting for 8 hours just to get spammed by p6 10 times isn't worth it

    i suggest making koths hourly or every 1 and a half hours gives more pvp a lot of people gotta do something instead of just afking,goofing around with improved loot remove p6 p7 and p8 and zombies and skeles ( although with these items removed chances on getting p10 p11 igs zps eman etc are increased ) with only 7-10 keys every koth

    if we're talking about event koth make it more often like 4-5 times a week a lot of players would pvp more and increase cap time to 7-8 minutes for more competitive event koths 5 minutes is just weak and should give 3-5 keys (randomly) the amount of keys it gives isn't worth for the shit you lose also tweak the loot the even crate gives

    also during these events Jamm or some staff hosts em but when they die once they practically never come back which is fucking weak the person hosting these events should be able to assemble a team which they would like to be with or chooses randomly from the server ( gives chances to other people who are less known )

    2.Update the fucking anti-cheat i know every map you say "anti-cheat updated" but fr it's still whack people w/ high enough ping ( like me ) gets fucked over by ac and gets kicked multiple times and gets hackusated or some shit and a more better ac that also detects suspicous reach or kb that sends it to staff ( Mod+ ) to alert them of the certain person for them to inspect the person thoroughly and if they think that guy is fishy they can ss

    3.As what i said above ^ get people who can ss lmao basically a lot of people on the server are closet hackers with inactive staff and they can't ss everyone with self-destruct ghost clients can get off clean from an ss

    4.Active Staff

    5.Staff that knows their shit not just people who's "nice" and "active" gets that shit ( no disrespect to the staff team ly ) but most of them don't know what they're even doing

    6.Remove Biased staff ikikikik fr everyone knows staff are somewhat biased on the server lmao take lord for example i thought racism got you at least a 3 day ban as giga said i was a "ching chong" ( racial slur for chinese or asian people ) he only gets a mute after lord warns him which was pretty bs it's actually a same scenario where you call african-americans ******s ( no harm intended ) that wasn't a pretty big deal but having someone just get muted instead of a ban for racism is jackshit retarded

    7.Add gap cooldown like 27-28 seconds ( gapp buff lasts for 25 secs ) gap pvp isn't bad but it's hella fucking gay im not being salty cause i don't have gaps or some shit i have stacks of em i just dont jump down w/ almost a stack w/ me *cough* autists *cough*

    8.Add more classes that gives you actually "GOOD PERKS" not the ones we have rn only alien is good with that reduced pearl cooldown more classes w/ more perks would be great

    9.Give an /enchant gui for ALL donor ranks or a certain mcmmo rank where a player holds an item does /enchant and has a selection of vanilla enchants he wants to add on that particular item having to buy books and enchant them 1 by 1 to get your desired enchant is A I D S no one wants that shit

    10.Make crafting instant or at least add a plugin that makes it better ( ive seen servers w/ this plugin dk what's it called )

    11.Make ftop prizes monthly/weekly but at lower prizes a lot of factions would actually want to place spawners/raid to maintain their spot on ftop which draws in more competition and none of that bs where factions wont place a single spawner entire map ( fr no one placed spawners this entire map lmao )

    12.Custom duel kits where people get to bring their own stuff ( wont lose it at the end of the duel )

    13.Better duel plugin w/ fixed hit reg and more kits like

    idk too lazy to type more shit almost remembered Jamm talked about him playing the map surprise surpise he didn't i get it that he's busy and shit he needs mores experienced and capable dev and a test time to test glitches or some shit Jamm playing and him experiencing stuff what his players experience would be a great way on improving stuff better ok bai

    edit:gonna add more shit

    1.Need more dedicated youtubers to draw in new attention as well one that has a schedule at least uploads 3-4 videos a week if not Jamm himself makign a series on playing his own server

    2.Remove capsule koth it's basically unknockable literally 5 people faction can just stand inside and win koth cause it can't be knocked

    3.Give mcmmo ranks more /sethome like for example the 4th-5th rank gives you 2 more sethomes gives a more f2p vibe to players and bring back gapples to mcmmo kits i don't get how you say gaps are rare when they're obviously not

    4.Add a beta map into every map so you'll be able to fix out glitches/bugs etc lasting for a whole month w/ an ftop prize ( not that much tho ) would basically help out a lot and shit like that

    5.Remove warp pvp being directly connected to spawn new people just thinks it's the way to wild or some shit i know it says "Warzone" but wild says that too so no difference what so ever kinda sad to see people joining and walking down pvp naked and quit
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    1: i agree, jamm should do that
    2: dunno about bar not going down but /feed should not have cooldown
    3: i dont really agree with this, too op
    4: i totally agree with this, more perks are required
    5: finally, someone brought that up, please jamm update buycraft, there are a lot of outdated perks for ranks that are no longer in the game, it's technically scamming
    6: more buycraft stuff sounds juicy, i like it. pretty sure jamm would too.

    1: totally agree, koth is trash right now, the schedule is outrageous, 8 hours gap??? and the loot isn't even worth wasting time.
    2: yeah, updating an anti cheat is necessary, a guy literally flew like 1000 blocks a second in my base when i was fighting him [the phaser guy]
    3: well, too bad because cc staff team is only accepted if they're nice and spending all their playtime welcoming players and shit like that, which is kind of bs, its factions, most of the experienced people won't bother doing that, i suggest you guys change the requirements for at least factions realm.
    4: hell yeah, we need more active experienced and useful staff members, maybe give a chance to some avarage faction players to prove themselves useful for the server?
    5: 101% agreed
    6: for the record, i didnt call anyone a ching chong, i kept randomly saying it in chat, and the punishments depend on how many times the player has been punished for that actual reason in the past, please do read the rules to be enlightened <3.
    7: regeneration V lasts exactly 30 seconds, dunno what would 27-28 second cooldown would chance but okay.
    8: classes, yeah well, jamm hasn't really been putting a lot of work in these stuff lately, maybe he needs to get new developers, that would solve the most of the problems.
    9: then what would be the purpose of xp grinding?
    10: there's a mod that instantly crafts anything you like, search it up.
    11: i think we all prefer one big prize at the end of the map.
    12: im neutral for that, doesnt really make a big difference.
    13: duel isn't really necessary in faction server the one right now is fine. if you want better hit detection go on a practice server, it's perfectly fine for factions server.
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  5. Sayril

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    having a gui where you can choose vanilla enchants would be good

    having custom duels gives more fun to people

    u called me ching chong after i failed pearled :/

    having a weekl/monthly ftop prize would draw in more attention and competition a lot of people would actually place spawners to get the prize more raids more pvp more fun
  6. giga_08

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    No it wouldnt be good, since grinding for xp lvls would lose its only job

    custom doels may sound cool but let's be honest, theres much more stuff to be done before we could worry about duels.

    randomly saying ching chong in chat doesnt mean it was towards you bud.

    people dont like scattered f top, we, power faction prefer the one big one at the end of the map, weekly/monthly f top only works if the map is around 5-6 months big, current one is only gona lost just 2 months.
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    I’m down with gapples cool down
  8. YouBeCombo

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    Your on drugs
  9. Sayril

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    did u read the whole shit?
  10. giga_08

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    gapple cooldown isn't necessary, this is op factions, a gapple pvp server, you cannot possibly defend yourself with simple health pots against sharpness 12 lmao.
  11. jaymantri

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    Lol’s too long to read.
    I down to do drugs..but Na I wasn’t on drugs
  12. YouBeCombo

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    Theres recently been many of these types of posts. Honestly cant be bothered to read it Lmfao.
  14. giga_08

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    This one is the best so far, worth reading.
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  15. jaymantri

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    Is it really though..??
  16. giga_08

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    Yes all the things that I dislike about server is here
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  17. Sayril

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    yet staff doesnt look into it
  18. giga_08

    giga_08 Well-Known Member

    lol no. factions gamemode is the most popular minecraft gamemode, dunno what r u on about
  19. RazotayX

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    I dont think so, I think Minigames takes the prize. And I have a reason why. It’s probably cause theres legit no grind. You just hop into any minigame and immediately start playing. Even UHC as a minigame is dying since theres to much grind. In factions, no one wants to grind ao much anymore. Its boring, theyd rather pvp. PvP minigames are in my opinion the most popular Minecraft game mode. Just my opinion, you can say why im wrong, i’d love to hear it.
  20. Goazart

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    We do update the ac every map. I can't help much that it's not perfect. There aren't any developers up for grabs in the Mc community that are capable of making a good anti-cheat anymore that I know of, and quite frankly, I wouldn't want to drop 5-10k+ on one plus have it worked on monthly along with normal development when Hytale will be coming this year unless we run into better times very soon.

    Grindy gamemodes are indeed going downhill, but making minigame style gamemodes would be directly competing with a huge company called Hypixel. Not a good idea, look at the other once huge minigame networks that were/are Hypixel's biggest competitors. They've all just about been wiped out on Java, that's why they've started focusing on Bedrock.

    I have played a lot on this map during events and have spent a lot of time & money getting new content created for the current and next map so there can be more to do and accomplish on a map. I know I made a poll about a kitpvp type gamemode a while back, but the more I thought about it, the more it didn't make sense. There would be hackers on it 24/7 who would just be able to rejoin and keep hacking, so why bother? Sure the ac would kick a lot of them, but it's not instant and usually only gets the blatant ones.

    I do think having a few youtubers could revive the server a lot. It's pretty sad but honestly the games/servers with the most youtubers these days are the ones with the players, it's just how it works. Server lists are no longer a sufficient source of players alone. I realize that all you guys really want is more players and less hackers, and you think that these updates are pointless, but each one is just new unique content which puts us in a slightly better position to retain more players with each update. Over the span of a few months, that's a whole lot more content for both new and old players to experience. We will not be able to get a substantial amount of new staff or new players without having more and better content than the next guys.

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