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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by jaymantri, Feb 4, 2019.

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    Whats Welp I guess its the end for staff jaymantri. It's been a great run with all the other staff members. All the voice chat and messing around lol. But it's time me to leave the staff team. As many of you invasion people know, I was recently demoted for a mistake that I made. It wasn't like releasing a ip or something like that(Im still scared on doing that). But it was big enough to demote me to helper. Some of you people think it was the wrong decision from Jamm to demote me since everyone knows that CC is already low on staff members. But Jamm is building a better staff team, with Beezy(you got this dralo cough phat pig cough),CombatGuitar(you also got this phat pig) and whole trusted team(Gang roll My demotion wasn't really the main reason of me leaving this great staff team(I was still a helper :p). The main reason is that I just lost my motivation in being a staff member. I may have told some you guys yesterday that my demotion would just make me strong and make me learn from it. I mean I did learn from it lol, but it really pushed me back. Im just here to say good bye to the staff team and that I'm sorry for any mistake(especially the one that got me demoted) that I have made while being a staff member.

    Im still going to get on the server....but not as much

    Plz no argument
    KingPiggy :p
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    (I like how the first 3 replies are from the staff team)

    And yes, I'm being a bad guy breaking this combo.
  6. YouBeCombo

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    Go study
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    I'm going to miss you! (Still a phat pig tho ;))
  9. giga_08

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    good choice, having staff rank really changed our relationship, now that it's gone im looking forward to having more fun with you babe.
  10. Sayril

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    sounds very kinky
  11. YouBeCombo

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    ur mum geyyyy
  13. giga_08

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    kinky yes.
  14. YouBeCombo

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    Ur dad is geyyyyy
  15. zNutorius

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    Screenshot_243.png ---> Resigning
  16. BlazeRektYou

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    their loss, wb.
  17. jaymantri

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    Lit gang hew is a phat pig gang lit
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    hew is an echidna.
  20. giga_08

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