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Discussion in 'Accepted' started by Cluster21, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. Cluster21

    Cluster21 Helper Staff Member

    Username: Cluster21

    Date Joined
    : Around September 2016 ( I do not really remember )

    Time Played: About 20 Days (according to /ar time)

    Age: 17 (I will reach 18 this march)

    Rank(s): Survival Rank IV / Permanent Architect

    Position: I would like to be Trusted

    Timezone: UTC+8 timezone

    Past Punishmen: Muted for 10 minutes by Tanmew in 29 October 2017
    ( reason: swearing )

    First, let me introduce myself a second time. My name is Aliff, I am from Malaysia. I am a senior high school student in Sabah, known as the Land Below the Wind in Borneo. My hobbies are still unchanged, I love fishing with my family, playing games, playing football with my friends even though I'm really sucks at it . I still have frequent relationships with my friends and former teachers even though I have graduated from school. Therefore I have increased interest in Technology, biology, chemistry and physics. But I still do not like additional math

    I think I can try to contribute to this server. So I decided to take the first step into a staff member. Since the server have less staff, I think it's time to be part of them. Plus having staff members from different time zones will be better as at least some staff can get online and some go for a break. Having staff from different time zones also allows actions to be taken quickly because we do not know when problems or actions that violate the rules will occur. I'm not saying that I'm very good at this, but I will try my best to be a good member ..

    I have 0 experience as a staff member, but I have a lot of experience on this server, and I'm sure I'm ready to help players in need. This is my opportunity to improve the experience as a staff member

    Server: I would like to start in Survival

    Discord: Its me Cluster XD#6563

    I came to this server with less knowledge about this game. I love this server, I do not know what to do without this server. Honestly I made lot of friends in Conspiracycraft. This server has taught me more about survival than another server or singleplayer. As I said before, "At home, parents and siblings are my family. In school, teachers and friends are my family. In minecraft, of course, conspiracy is my family." I hope I can be accepted again... Thank you.
    by: Cluster21

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  2. Ryan/Bionic

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  4. Hewittassassin29

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  5. Cluster21

    Cluster21 Helper Staff Member

    Thank you guys
  6. TheRealRed28

    TheRealRed28 Fresh Spawn

    +1 Nice application good luck!
  7. RazotayX

    RazotayX Well-Known Member

    Sami approved! +1
  8. xdCyanide

    xdCyanide Mod Staff Member

    Very big +1, every time you are on, i see you helping people, welcoming new players.
  9. zNutorius

    zNutorius Active Member

    I think you're ready enough to contribute to the job the server's Staff team has currently. I remember you helping in the chat even back in Map 2 and I really wish you can be one of them,now :)

    Big +1 , Best of luck Cluster
  10. KouritoKokoro

    KouritoKokoro Fresh Spawn

    +1 coz i c u help people
  11. Cluster21

    Cluster21 Helper Staff Member

    Thank you guys for supporting:)
  12. MightyNutella

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  13. zNutorius

    zNutorius Active Member

    -1 don't ruin people's applications

    *don't fight me evil brother*
  14. MightyNutella

    MightyNutella Active Member

    im not ruining anyone's application i gave out my opinion if you dont like it then fuck outta here
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  15. zNutorius

    zNutorius Active Member

    How come you have an opinion about a Survival player, when you join Survival only when Facs are down?
  16. Trapstar

    Trapstar Fresh Spawn

    You have a consistent activity and you're a nice person overall. +1
  17. giga_08

    giga_08 Well-Known Member

    he can still have an opinion about a certain player, even if he just joins survival for little amount of time.
  18. Billynguy

    Billynguy Admin Staff Member

    You don't need to give your opinion on a server you don't play on and have very little knowledge of how it works and or how the players are that make up the community.
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  19. Vyoxa

    Vyoxa Fresh Spawn

    Having someone like him would be a good addition to the Trusted team! +1
    Good luck, buddy!
  20. orgonist

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