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Discussion in 'Accepted' started by YouBeCombo, Jan 11, 2019.

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  1. YouBeCombo

    YouBeCombo Well-Known Member


    Punished by: LordKonkon

    Server: Global

    Date punished: 9/4/18

    Punishment type: Perm Ban

    Punishment length: Perm

    Reason: Breaking Unban Terms

    Plea: Hello this is Combo/smoke I’ve had many chances in an unban and all of you guys know that I was on my final chance in Feb of 2018. My reason for this ban appeal is that I haven’t caused any drama while I was banned, Haven’t alted since I was banned. I miss playing this server when I think of cc I think of it of something that is part of my life since I played CC since 2015. In 2017 of December I doxed a person which I regret doing I felt so bad afterward. My action of doxing was that a mod of my faction I send him a pic of myself and then later that map he insided and leaked my irl pic this made me mad because they were saying bad stuff about me, which made me want to do something I shouldn’t have done (dox) so I can say mean stuff about them as well but I never got any info and I got perm banned for that I felt bad for them but I could not go back in time and change that. But to what my ban is about I was banned for Breaking Unban Terms because I got banned when I was on my final chance in july 2018 which was Trio and I using a eco glitch and gaining alot of money and using the money to buy stuff which in the end led Trio and I banned. After that ban and I served my time Thots ssed me, he thought I was hacking which I wasn’t and he didn’t find anything on my .mc folders and so then he tried to go thru my discord DMS with people I tried to close it because he was going thru my privacy and I didn’t feel right but before I could stop the ss he already looked thru Kryts and my dms and he found things that look fishy and then 1-2 days later I get banned for Breaking Unban terms because staff thought I was helping kryt alt. Anyways all I want is an unban I think I deserve it is because I didn’t cause drama while I was banned and didn’t alt.

  2. M1TLAR

    M1TLAR SS Team Staff Member

    Just because someone did not find a client in your mc folders does not mean you weren't using hacks. Most ghost clients are external now so you can't really detect anything from the minecraft folder anymore, Just felt like pointing that out. Regarding your unban, I don't think staff would want you unbanned as they did give you a chance and you failed to keep your promise; however, I do believe that people deserve at least 3 chances so +1 for the unban but I don't think it's going to happen.
  3. Alohaa

    Alohaa Active Member

    He has been given lots of chances in the past. Though however, maybe him coming back would bring more players to the server, which would be for the best. +1.
  4. MightyNutella

    MightyNutella Active Member

    1+ the server needs more active players
  5. a7cd

    a7cd Fresh Spawn

    server is dying we need more players plus he refuses to alt+1
  6. xtend123

    xtend123 Well-Known Member

    Staff is going to deny this. 99% sure. Ex dee
  7. xtend123

    xtend123 Well-Known Member

  8. Speedy

    Speedy Active Member

    If you admit publicly that you hacked on CC they’ll give you another chance for honesty.
  9. giga_08

    giga_08 Well-Known Member

    +1 unban this kid
  10. BlazeRektYou

    BlazeRektYou Member

  11. BlazeRektYou

    BlazeRektYou Member

    admit to hacking first nub
  12. xtend123

    xtend123 Well-Known Member

    They won't. I admitted to account sharing and I'm still banned and 3 apologies were rejected...
  13. Sayril

    Sayril Active Member

    someone bought u unban but still you're banned lmao
  14. Sayril

    Sayril Active Member

    you were given multiple chances to renew yourself but you chose to threw it all away but im not the one to judge people change after a long period of time and im sure you have changed +1 hope to see you playing again
  15. xtend123

    xtend123 Well-Known Member

  16. Sayril

    Sayril Active Member

    i mean is that even allowed? someone bought you an unban with IRL MONEY they literally paid for you to get unbanned and yet here you are? so what? staff can just deside even if you bought an unban they still decide if they're gonna unban you or not? i mean that's dumb tbh
  17. xtend123

    xtend123 Well-Known Member

    Ye lol. They were like, "you can't buy unban now." And just refunded my friend's money. What's the use of buying unban if u gotta wait for it anyway lol. Better off wait and make a ban appeal...
  18. Sayril

    Sayril Active Member

    still a retarded concept habing an unban selection on the server's shop and when you buy it or someone buys it for you they wont allow it they should just name it "unban buuuuut you have to wait cause we don't give a fuck about your money and if we still don't want you on the server we wont let you buy it"
  19. xtend123

    xtend123 Well-Known Member

    Ye lol.
  20. _Annerose_

    _Annerose_ Member

    o3o i was told by someone that you and kryt found a new server, but i guess people always come back to memories c; and i would suggest if u do get unbanned maybe jamm will make a special rule for you to record yourself playing every time you're in the server, and then other staff can just tell jamm what time/date to obtain the footage of when you were suspicious so, then you won't have to worry about other staff being biased/leaking info
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