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    no context.. just oof

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    Rip. Lots of people are back in school and finals are happening but these numbers are still extremely low for the server. Advertising is the only way to revive invasion's playerbase and hopefully, jamm will do that next map or even this map.... Additionally, gamemodes and features that favor new players will probably also be beneficial as it will make players stay on the server and not quit as soon as they die jumping down in warzone. Many people also have trouble finding stuff to do with the removal of custom enchants so maybe add then back next map;however, listen to the communities complaints about them like removing the hated ones : blindness and others like that one enchant that dropped your weapon(wtf was that?) completely removing any skill involved with pvp ;make gkits more common and easier to obtain but not to the point where they are useless to grind for like p10 is this map. What I'm trying to say is many people stopped playing this map because there is really nothing to do. Bosses are essentially useless to devoted players because the stuff they drop except for captain aghnos is not enticing enough to make players want to consistently grind them out. Grinding for p10 is not that desired as it can be easily crafted due to mob drops dropping xp, completely removing the point of even grinding, except for mcmmo. Raiding is not occurring because tnt is not readily accessible (even with creepers dropping tnt) and the server is more pvp based with very few raiders, which could change with the introduction of new players that know how to cannon etc... All these issues could be fixed with the introduction of new players that would reintroduce competitiveness into factions as currently there is zero competition in factions at all due to autist's total domination of the server. :) More players=more pvp=more raiding=more competition=more fun. What most people do now is log on only for koths which is really the only attractive thing about factions right now due to the huge rewards associated with it. This is what I've personally observed from playing Map16 for about 100 hours. A more radical idea would be to change factions to hcf for one map and see how that goes as very few people actually engange in the factions part of invasion"raiding big factions etc." except for you giga:). But that's just a personal suggestion please don't make what I said about changing factions to hcf distract you from what I said up here ^^^^.
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    There's a lot going against us right now. I think a lot of it comes down to me though. I'm not as invested as I once was in Conspiracy. I spend more on it now, and get custom things made, that sort of thing, but as for me being around and talking to people in the day to day on the server- I'm not. After the server went down hill so much after map 14, I really felt that I'd given it my all and it wasn't good enough. That's around the time I stopped logging on the individual servers as much. Ever since then, facs has slowly just been spiraling down. Most servers are spiraling downhill right now, since Java has 50% less players on than in 2017, but that doesn't explain it being at the point it's at right now. I've let my personal issues get in the way of what's best for you guys and the server. I'm sorry for this, but it is what it is.

    I'm trying to work through my issues. I would love to just be some emotionally indifferent human being that can handle a large amount of losses in stride and keep pushing. But after this prolonged period of time, it's had a very large effect on me. I think that I need to find that old joy of the day to day work and socializing on the server like I used to have if things are going to change for the better. Believe that if a switch could be flipped and that happen, I would do it. It's not that simple though unfortunately.

    As for now I'm just working on some bugs with map 16 and thinking about how to go forward. I should probably start exercising or something again and eat a better diet. I'm just not happy, and it shows in my involvement with the community and server. I've been in a rut before and pulled out of it, so I know I can do it again. It's just going to take commitment, time, and me finding the joy I used to get out of this again.
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    advertise, giga is too dominant lol we need more players + unban all would do a lot for the server, at this point idc about all the cheaters and shit getting unbanned i just want more people to play
  5. giga_08

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    Dominant? I'm flattered
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  7. Sayril

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    i didn't read the whole thing but advertising isn't just the thing the server needs btw so stop saying it's the only chance for the server's survival
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    Take however long you need to find that old joy in yourself because at the end of the day, most of us will stick by your side because we like the server you built and the amazing community that comes along with it.
  9. superomega

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    Rip java, 50% down?!
    I mean there a lot of factors like bedrock which you could see as a more optimized crossplay version of pc minecraft but it doesnt have the community java has, doesnt have as an established mods/modders etc and has microtransactions
    oh yeah and fortnite or whatever lol
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    okay i just read the whole shit and first of all turning factiosn into hcf is retarded as balls and secnodly new people join in and won't even get welcomed by the toxic ass community faction has right now literally peopel calling new players "retarded randy" -giga 2019 and 2nd raiding isn't that hard lot of people on the server just don't take the time to learn how to make cannons like giga does the cannon on /server cannon ca n literally 1 shot obby ( idk if that's good ) but okay and autists is just strong cause of giga and his raiding i mean a lot of them are good at pvp but some still on diffrent factions can take them down namely: blessed,komorebi,hogwarts etc giga's standing on a knife's edge he has the whole server looking at him as prey but no one has the balls to do so plus koth aint that good yes it gives koth keys and yes koth crates has decent stuff but no most of the time it floods me w/ p6 or zombie/skeleton spawners ( which aint that good if you're not new ) id like to bring back old koth's loot crate and it's hourly occurrence ( or 1 and a half ) with /koth loot having p9-p10,gaps ranging from 5-10 pieces,decent spawners like (eman or pigmen but very rare) an s10-s11 sword/axe and the maybe bosses as well, idk why it got changed to this sh itty ass koth takes you 7 hours to wait for koth and it spams u some money or p6 shit like that w hich is very dumb in the first place koth shouldn't be even have loot like that it takes you 7 fucking hours and you get p6 and skelly spawners and all it benefits are people on strong facs and have decent gear and decent at pvp not newer people ( which could really use koth ) but sadly it takes 7 hours for koth to occur if it would've been hourly a lot of more newer people would get good gear and good stuff without the competition of others and basically would want to play more

    edit: and you're saying advertisement is the only solution to the problem of the server dying and you're absolutely wrong people playing now aint even want to stay cause of the whack economy and how toxic player are to them
  11. bLueee

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    facts lol
  12. giga_08

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    what does me calling people retarded has to do with this you retard
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    I agree with your points;however, what I'm trying to say is most people on this server pertake in pvp related events ,not raiding ,which is exactly why I suggested having hcf as it would cater to most of invasion's playerbaae. There are many problems with invasion as you've said as well as other ones I've talked about in my post. And you're right, advertising is not the only solution to the shortage of consistent players on invasion ,but it is certainly the best solution in my opinion.
  14. giga_08

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    You're so stupid, stop with those retarded suggestions lmao.
  15. professor_7mada

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    Bring mob arena
  16. Sayril

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    u basically cuss new players that just joined and want to soicialize and get to know the community more and as soon as they know it's extremely toxic they'll lose interest because they know that people like you will just be asses to new players like them
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    okay you actually don't get it do you? people liek to pvp when they only lose shit they can manage but when dtr is brought up to the scene no one wants to fucking die in warzone and they'll be no more pvp so why the fuck do you want hcf so bad? adding a kit pvp map or practice pvp on the server would really be better than making factions hcf which is already dead and all people do is pvp and you want to take that away by sudjesting dtr? big NO and new people aren't staying for long now what would make you think when the server advertises and people join would actually stay? everyone's stack first week of the map with dubs of good shit and that's jsut the FIRST WEEK of the map and they have stuff to last them long enough through the entire map server's extremely p2w and new players joining by advertising isn't the solution if they'll just give up 10 minutes after they get butt fucked by giga's cannons so advertising wouldn't help out that much but reducing p2w systems does because of the players that'll be joining are cracked ( Mostly kids lmao ) and wont have the money to buy donor keys to compete with leading factions like hogwarts,komorebi,autists,blessed etc but reducing p2w would help the server a lot more while people can just get stuff moderately and won't have to cost irl money for it and ik that you'll say "that's why you grind" and shit like that but that's a lot more harder than just buying keys and getting bosses,kits,money etc and i know it does help the server financially but it's killing it's playerbase and the faction that spends the most are autists but they all get that money from winning each map giving them a huge boost in terms of f value and gears and shit like that which other players cannot afford
  18. M1TLAR

    M1TLAR SS Team Staff Member

    It's just a suggestion because most people only like pvping which is what hcf is catered towards pvpers. I don't think you've properly played hcf as dtr does not really hinder pvp at all. But forget my suggestion.
  19. Rezac

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    Nah lmao, just go back to map 12. Problem solved +1000000 simple as that.
  20. xtend123

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    Unban all is best solution. If it going to say we don't have enough staff.etc etc. U do have more now since jamm has accepted more now. Plus deal with it too ;)

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