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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by MCAstor, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. MCAstor

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    i am not a real talker cause i am more a builder and even i struggle with some things in survival.

    1. Add sponges in /shop. I really dont care if they are like 10k each. But alot of people that fish het them or were lucky to kill a elder guardian. The same thing would be nice of blocks that are obtainable of end cities.
    2. Enable a personal vault like /pv 1 and donors could get a few more to keep you’re other stuff safe or it is handy when you are in a shopping spree for resources.
    3. Maybe add a creative server where everyone has a plot so they could test things out and with a button push that the plot would be reset.
    4. More Admins/staff. I know this is farfetched thing. But the only mods that i have seen around lately are hew and Little Miss Os. Cause sometimes the situation gets out of hand in the survival server and then we can use the /helpop but i think that is more usefull for server related. Add /helpmod or something so it sounds more understanding.
    5. Make pig/sheep/cow spawners mineable with silk touch. Or at least in the overworld. That only those spawners can be obtainable again cause i placed also spawners and had to remove then when i switched bases or the design was crappy. There can also be a option to give out special spawner pickaxes that can be used and cannot be fixed with /fix all or a anvil.
    Some people will not agree with the most things but i look from the eyes from new players.
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  2. professor_7mada

    professor_7mada Well-Known Member

    +1 to numb 5 [but only pig/cow/chicken spawners]
  3. Fromgeorgian

    Fromgeorgian Member

    Yes i agree with everything gimme those pvs +1
  4. xdCyanide

    xdCyanide Mod Staff Member

    Agree with everything here +1
  5. YMbrothers

    YMbrothers Active Member

    (Didn't see this thread, worth looking into it)
    Disclaimer: I'm commenting with the eyes of a non-donor. And I'm trying to look at both sides.

    1. TL;DR +1
    To clear out water, we got 3 ways: A) Sponge B) Draining Machine C) Sand-filling. Although I didn't use sponge at all (cuz I can't just fly across the ocean and spot one that's unraided), it might be fair to add them. Adding them to /shop with expensive price might be a solution, but look at the hoppers. You buy hoppers for 10k each in /shop, but its cp is usually 2-4k in /ah. Sure, it's infinite sponges, but it just lowers the value of sponges in general.

    2. TL;DR -1
    Shulker shells ain't expensive. 15k each. It's not an issue to fill up the Ender Chest with them, equivalent to 13.5 pv spaces. Sure, you need to place them down to access the storage, which is frustrating in others' claim. But tbh, it's just too OP. A vanilla survival game has 27 inventory slot + 10 hotbar slot. To make sure /pv is not giving "unfair gameplay advantage", non-donors must at least have 1, which means they have 150% more inventory space than usual (And if u can put shulker box inside /pv, you get 1458 more slot PER /pv).
    You might be thinking, bro, we can't raid a house, so it won't affect the gameplay even if my whole fortune is inside my /pv. Sure, this is true. But in the eyes of a non-donor, it's unfair to only have 1 /pv while Architects have like 10. And personally, it just feels non-survival if ender chest is replaced by /pv.

    3. TL;DR -1
    I haven't join the Cannon server yet, but to my knowledge, isn't it the same thing? Besides, adding a new sub-server creates more load on the whole server. I know, in CC, there's so much redstone limitations (aka infinite clock and weird hoppers. lol) and the machine tends to differ in a laggier place (which I personally experienced). But your machine and build can be tested in Singleplayer, so why bother adding a sub-server?

    4. TL;DR Can't decide
    Which case do you want? 2 staff that can actually ban ppl reasonably, or 10 staff that just messes around and ban players for fun or revenge?
    I prefer quality over quantity. But it all depends on the applications and Jamm's standard. You don't want a random player to buy a Miner rank and afk long enough, just to realize that everybody is banned the moment he got staff cuz he can? Minecraft is dying in general (if Hytale is successful, it'll be more obvious), it's just not easy for a good staff to appear out of nowhere.

    5. TL;DR +1
    The plugin for silk-ing spawner is here. It's just unused to protect the spawners in the wild. Back in Map 3, I believe we can still silk spawners. As a result, I can't even see a single unraided Abandoned Mineshaft. The developer might need to manually manipulate the code inside the plugin to make only a certain type of spawner silk-able, but it's just checking the type of the spawner, which is not hard.

    So there you have it. My opinion on stuff like this.
  6. danisaacs

    danisaacs Helper Staff Member

    I've only played since the middle of map2, but since then we've never been able to silk spawners.

    as for the list:

    1. Meh. I used my sponges once to clear out the temple for the shop. But not since then.
    2. /ec is already a pv. That we choose to keep stuff in it is our problem.
    3. I don't know how helpful that is. You can try to build things in Survival. What stops you? You can always setup a creative single player world to test builds.
    4. I agree, but really just having a 3rd person would be enough, time zone dependent.
    5. I agree, but ONLY for spawners that are not naturally occuring. So just the passive mobs. Only benefit would be not bothering Sami when you wanted to move one.
  7. Seems good alot of nice ideas and the sponges would be nice for people that join in the middle of map5 or map4 etc and cant obtain sponges.
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    Let's crack this Nutella jar open and slurp it with a berry-straw.
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    that’s disgusting
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    When Nutella is so liquid you can drink it.. i will pass.
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