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Would you like this better than ce's?

  1. Yes!

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  2. No..

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  1. xtend123

    xtend123 Well-Known Member

    alot of players are expected to come back due to this change. Pls make it come true. @JammTheGoat
  2. Goazart

    Goazart Owner Staff Member

    Probably the main reason this hasn't been done before is because the hardest thing about running a server imo is balancing fun with profitability. It's easy to make a game that's fun with no p2w, but harder to keep the lights on if people aren't as compelled to buy stuff. I guess I'm going to just take the approach that if more people play and have fun on the server, then more people will be likely to buy ranks and support.

    I am confirming right now that next map won't have custom enchants. Just plain OP PvP with the ability to level up armor and weapons with an xp based system that has no fail rate. I really want to make new Warzone games too eventually, not sure if they will be part of the reset or not. I'm open to ideas for new games because KoTH and Outpost are so incredibly repetitive and stale 3 years later.

    We're going to be taking into account how long it takes to actually make a maxed out set with an average sized grinder to balance the grind vs how long the set actually lasts. It will take significantly less time and frustration than making a gset on the current map, but armor will break faster since we're removing the armor durability boost plugin and enchants like Reinforced. Even so, the amount of grinding will be negligible compared to how much more active pvp will be.

    ps: This reset will be sometime in November unless there's major setbacks for whatever reason.
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  3. HyperDarkness

    HyperDarkness Member

    I remember old cc when kit God was p4 and it was so much fun you could just enchant sets and get stacked that way. CE's aren't much fun anymore cuz people just run and with the ces pvp takes so long. The only CE's that should be implemented next map is just Speed, Strength, Jump Boost, and Fire resistance CE's. I do not suggest the bard thing (having chips in your inventory to get effects) I think that that would just make less pvp.
  4. HyperDarkness

    HyperDarkness Member

    there's me in the thumbnail :)
  5. FP!

    FP! Member

    This is a good idea, totally support your idea and thoughts. Good luck!
  6. xtend123

    xtend123 Well-Known Member

    Ye cuz when there are a lot of Ces to make a gset, some people just get feared of losing their set and end up using it only in this is gonna be lit, AKA more PvP!!!
  7. abuildera(True)

    abuildera(True) Fresh Spawn

    That’s my jammy ^^
  8. xtend123

    xtend123 Well-Known Member

    You made another account? :eek: xd
  9. Beastalloveru

    Beastalloveru Member

    Lmao i don't have the time to grind out a ce map like back then and i doubt everyone has the same amount of time but this sounds like an actual good idea.

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