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Discussion in 'Denied' started by PhilliPlayz, Sep 11, 2018.

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  1. PhilliPlayz

    PhilliPlayz Fresh Spawn

    Username: PhilliPlayz
    Date Joined: About 8/30/18
    Time Played: 2 days in time (Im Very Active) But i played on this server for like 2 weeks
    Age: 15
    Rank: (No Rank) Mcmmo Rank is Agent 3 (Class)
    Position: Helper
    Timezone: CDT
    Past Punishments: None
    About: I am a very active person and wanted to expand this server. I am a quick learner and I've never been a staff member before. I want to learn what being a staff member is like. I am also a Youtuber and the channel is currently a small channel.
    Reason: This Servers players are going down and its not fun when theres not alot of people in factions. So I want my goal in this server is to get this server Popular!
    Experience: No i don't, this would be my first application i will apply for staff.
    Discord: PhillipPlayz#1638
    Comments: I am Active alot(only server i play on)
  2. PhilliPlayz

    PhilliPlayz Fresh Spawn

    On my Profile it says Age 18. I am NOT 18!!!
  3. RazotayX

    RazotayX Well-Known Member

    I havent seen your activity, and your pretty new most players dont know you including myself. Maybe wait a little, get involved in Community events/ talks, be active on forums/Discord, Help players out. All around get a good feel for the server, do you really care about the server or do you just wanna try out being a staff? Elaborate, explain more about yourself your self interests, your hobbies. Take some time to write a decent Application. Your english isnt the best, next time maybe throw your application in a grammar checker, it’ll make your application a million times better, add some colour to your application, it’ll attract players to read it. Thank you for applying and GoodLuck!
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2018
  4. xLsGRules

    xLsGRules Well-Known Member

    Nice guy, but not enough playtime. Play more and be more active in chat, then reapply. -1
  5. Osleya

    Osleya Active Member

    • Spend more time on the server getting to know the various commands and features.
    • Read the rules well.
    • Put some more effort in your application. (Add colors, spacing between each section, more detail in every section.)
    • Try reading other applications for inspiration.

    If you want to apply again, apply after 2 weeks or more. Thanks!
    Better luck next time.
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