xEst scamming for over 4m and $8+

Discussion in 'Evaluated' started by Matthew De Marsh, Aug 16, 2018.

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  1. Matthew De Marsh

    Matthew De Marsh Fresh Spawn

    Hey guys on 8/16/2018 at around 11:20am xEst convinced me to buy a set of god armor from them for 2,750,000 $ ingame asked me to toss in 5 Rare crate keys so i bought those and a assorted number of spawners around 1million worth in resell value, in return for max CE god armor/sword/bow/axe showed me all them put on ah. then took my money and items and keys and logged off after leading me on semi afk for about 5-10 min then logged on about half an hour later and blocked me
    il attach screenshots of it at the bottom.

    https:// imgur com/a/7SKFqTk

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  2. Flash_Jordan_

    Flash_Jordan_ Active Member

    Scummy but a legal scam.
    • Scamming is not allowed in /ah or /auc.
    • Buycraft Scamming is not allowed.
    • Item scamming is allowed if you are throwing the items to the player.
    • Lying to a new player about the rule of scamming isn't allowed. e.g. "Scamming isn't allowed anyway so you can trust me."
    These are the rules for scamming on factions
  3. LordKonKon

    LordKonKon Moderator Staff Member

    When did you buy the keys?
  4. giga_08

    giga_08 Well-Known Member

    It's legal. If you had bought keys to hiss account and then if he scammed, that'd be illegal.
  5. xEst is cute

    xEst is cute Member

    Wow, he actually made a report thread. Lying to staff about me scamming for the keys would only get yourself in trouble buddy boi.

    Herobrine______ • Today 13:03
    Rare Conspiracy Key

    You bought the keys at 1:03pm and reported me scamming you at 11:20am, seems legit. If you were actually trying to get me banned for scamming it might have worked out if you bought the keys before the incident happened, 11:20am.

    -You're just bringing unneeded attention
  6. Matthew De Marsh

    Matthew De Marsh Fresh Spawn

    you did scam keys i have a recipt for the purchass as well
  7. Chrgama

    Chrgama Active Member

    I dont think aspiring helpers should scam though
  8. YouBeCombo

    YouBeCombo Well-Known Member

    1st he’s not helper
    2nd he didn’t even get accepted yet
    3rd he’s not even trusted yet smh
  9. YouBeCombo

    YouBeCombo Well-Known Member

    +1 for him getting banned
  10. xEst is cute

    xEst is cute Member

    >.< shhh
  11. Flash_Jordan_

    Flash_Jordan_ Active Member

    When a dipshit doesn’t understand the word aspiring
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  12. Tron_EX

    Tron_EX Active Member

  13. YouBeCombo

    YouBeCombo Well-Known Member

    lets be real here you were admin once and you did shitty stuff, other people could have done shitty stuff just like u so..............
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  14. Chrgama

    Chrgama Active Member

    What does this have to do what flash said?
  15. YouBeCombo

    YouBeCombo Well-Known Member

    This has to do with what you said
    100% false
  16. xEst is cute

    xEst is cute Member

    How much you wanna bet smoke searched up "aspiring" before replying to that. ^
  17. Osleya

    Osleya Active Member

    I asked for your logs to make sure what you were saying was true and still I haven't received them.
  18. Ryan/Bionic

    Ryan/Bionic Active Member

  19. xEst is cute

    xEst is cute Member

    Yeah dude, lying to staff is bad! Especially when you're wasting their time to just stir up some attention.
  20. alfred132

    alfred132 Member

    it gone illegal cause the deal included keys
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