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  1. Dabriel

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    This picture is just a spoiler, it's not released yet.
    Greetings, Survivalists!
    for the last week, after Factions got the new amazing updates and stuff people started to say that Jamm forgot about survival and that he doesn't care about it anymore.
    There was a talk about whatever not happening on survival and that it's not getting any new updates.
    Well, here we are!
    I did volunteer to help out with Survival just like I did with Factions, and I'm really thankful that @JammTheGoat actually agreed to make a big update for survival as well.
    Some of you might know that survival isn't really doing that well right now, so we hope with this update we can get it somewhere.

    Right! The update.

    What is it about?
    Did you ever play World Of WarCraft or at least watched a video before?
    Well, it's not "WoW" but it's close to its system.
    This update is going to bring the MMO Original RPG feeling to Survival, so we will give the players a lot more to do, a lot more to collect, a lot more to understand and a lot more the explore.

    Builder: @Dabriel in-design: @Ozerex

    What is new?
    3k by 3k custom generated World.
    Well, it's not just a world that we will release and that will be it, the world will contain different builds, dungeons, towns, castles, caves, and custom biomes.
    The main thing about this version of the update is the dungeons, well, for now.
    When BETA v1.0 releases, you will find only dungeons in the world (Don't trust my words lol).
    These dungeons were made with a system, so we can work on how hard they are.
    They will be 3 kinds of dungeons,
    Easy, Medium, Hard. Simple right? (Well I ain't creating custom names for those)

    For the first players who will enter a dungeon for the first time. First is first, and they will be lucky.
    Each dungeon will have a 1-time loot chest, which will give custom named items with other stuff, so you can go around and say "HEY, I was the first player who finished this dungeon" (maybe only I would do that tbh).

    Ofcourse it won't be easy to finish a dungeon, there's nothing there that you've seen before.
    Each dungeon has its custom mobs, each mob has its skills, health, and damage rate. And ye, equipment.
    Now easy dungeons have only 1 boss. Medium have 2, Hard have 3.
    The bosses aren't like the current easy bosses on Survival.
    Each boss, ye well, you can't really defeat any of the new bosses alone... You will need a team, a good one when you enter a dungeon. Even the easy one.

    Builder: @Dabriel

    Builder: @Tanmew

    New Bosses?
    The new bosses are very customized and very well developed.
    You will feel like you are fighting a real thing in a different game like it's not even Minecraft.
    Bosses can shoot stuff, change stuff around you, spawn things, nuke your party. Anything can happen.
    Each boss will have special lines to say, they talk depending on what's happening.
    They register what you are doing, and they will talk about it in their own way.
    We tested the bosses before, and we tried to 1v1.... ye... that didn't go well.

    Each dungeon, well, not every single one, but you might find a story about someone was in the dungeon before you but didn't make it.
    There will be a lot of stories in this world, and a lot to explore.

    For those who are gonna say "Is this it?" no, that's not all.
    BETA v1.0 means that there will be more to this update, we will be adding more and more stuff to this update within time, I'm working full time, all day on this :>

    There's no release date, but be sure that you will see this update soon.
    I'm accepting suggestions related to this update, so if you have anything you want to see with this update, please, just reply and I will be more than glad to look into it.

    Special thanks to @Ozerex, @Tanmew for helping with this a lot.
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  2. OzzyGaming

    OzzyGaming Member

    i am honored to be a part of this big project... and yes, this was the reason i was not active on ConspiracyCraft.
    Dabriel is working super hard on this project... (so am i :p) and i hope you guys like it :3 (u will)
  3. Goazart

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  4. SvenjaReissaus

    SvenjaReissaus Fresh Spawn

    Awesome guys! I don't play on Survival too much, but I'm very excited about what Conspiracy Craft is becoming! We need more unique entrepreneurs like you guys! Thanks for supporting the server :)
  5. Osleya

    Osleya Active Member

    Heck yeah!
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  6. Hewittassassin29

    Hewittassassin29 Mod Staff Member

    Survival wasnt forgotten :eek:

    Im hypppeed, anyone here ever played Trove?

    My main question is - /fly and /god will be disabled in these dungeons right?
    For the first person to raid one, it would be funny if part of that loot is enchanted Flint N Steel (Minecraft story mode reference)

  7. Osleya

    Osleya Active Member

    Commands like /fly, /god, /tpa, /back, /ec and more will be disabled to make it as fair As possible. (This isnt the final list of commands, just an example.)
    And yes, I'll be making the loots as fun as possible :p (only thing I really helped with haha)
  8. superomega

    superomega Well-Known Member

    Finally what I have been waiting for
    Survival that is actually challenging with rpg features
    I cant wait to test this jamm, its looking promising : D
  9. Dabriel

    Dabriel Active Member

    The rules will be made while testing the update before the release, so we can see what we can and can't enable.
    Most likely it will be like /warp pvp, but no pvp.
    Like you can't /ah or /ec or /fly or /god or anything else but chatting and msging. and /spawn or /warps. or /home.
    And you won't be able to build/break or tpa/tpahere/tpaccept in the world.
    Also, you can't /sethome. obv. @Hewittassassin29

    And @Tanmew, you helped enough with almost everything :)
    (still a nub)

    I'm glad to hear that. Thank you.
  10. danisaacs

    danisaacs Helper Staff Member

    So you can't leave at all? Or can you /spawn?
  11. danisaacs

    danisaacs Helper Staff Member

    I'd love to do some of the testing!
  12. YouBeCombo

    YouBeCombo Well-Known Member

    smoke< Mmo ;(
  13. Vexto

    Vexto Member

    I love seeing my suggestion realized. Can't wait for it to be opened to the public. Question: Will elytras be enabled? I say no :))
  14. YMbrothers

    YMbrothers Active Member

    Oh my gosh! It's happening!
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  15. Heh, after a while pushing the idea to the higher staff level since map 3, it's finally happening.
    It's sad that I can't be part of the one that did something for this project in particular.
    But, the hype is there..
  16. BabyMagnum

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  17. RenanMsV

    RenanMsV Fresh Spawn

    Suggestion : Free Chat-Tags if you complete the bosses!. It could be like Boss Hunter I (defeated 25% of all different bosses), Boss Hunter II (defeated 50% of all different bosses), Boss Hunter III (defeated all different bosses)
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  18. Dabriel

    Dabriel Active Member

    You will be able to do /spawn and /warp <name>
    The rules and what you can and can't do, aren't set yet.
    While testing the update we will see what's fair and what's not, and we will make rules depending on that technique.

    We will need to think about that one.


    This update is an invitation ticket to all of the Survivalists. So we can all have fun playing it.
    You can join and play whenever you want. Map 4 isn't over yet and will not be anytime soon.
  19. ExtraLIfee

    ExtraLIfee Member

    My first thought was trove when i read this post lmfao im a no life trove player back in 2016,good memories
  20. Hewittassassin29

    Hewittassassin29 Mod Staff Member

    Ayyyee, same lol
    Awesome memories

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