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Discussion in 'Applications' started by orgonist, Jul 12, 2018 at 5:07 AM.



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  1. orgonist

    orgonist Member


    Date Joined: Around Map 12 But I stopped Playing Around Map 13 But I came back at Map 14

    Time Played:Around 100Hours

    Rank:Mcmmo Level III

    Position: Helper

    Past Punishments:I Got Banned For Bypassing And Learned My Lesson To Never Bypass/Hackustate

    Time Zone:(Utc+3:00) Istanbul

    About:My Name Is Orgonist I Was Born In Netherland But We Moved To Turkey Because Of A Reason I Don't Know Im 15 Years Old And I Started To Play Minecraft In 2012 And Im In High School 3rd Class I like to Play Minecraft I Don't Have Hobbies So I Have Alot of free time to help this server :D I Have A lot Of Friends In Real Life I Know How To Cook And My Favourite Sweet Is Baklava <3 I Like Cats And Dogs I Love To Help People When They Need Help I Love To Play Games I Know 3 Language Turkish Dutch And English My Best Friends Are Ryryro And Xtend123 They Helped Me Out When I Was In Need Of Help Don't Worry Whoever Is Reading This Im Your Friend Too :) My Favourite Sport Is Swimming Im Not Interested In Soccer And In Basketball

    Reason:Everyday I See People Bypassing/hackustating I feel sad When I see People Hackustating/Bypassing Mostly The People Bypass/Hackustate When Staff isn't Online. Staff Members Arent Always Active But when they aren't active im online Once I Played This Server Non Stop 13 Hours So Whenever Staff Isnt There Im There For The People That Want A Family Friendly Server And I Want to Help People Too
    I Love To Help People :) And I Want To Make this server Better Better And More Better! Because If This Server Closes Il Just Quit Minecraft Because This Is The Only Server I Like


    Comments:I Love This Server And I want To Do My Best To Help This Server And Completely Remove Those Rule Breakers :)

    Server:Invasion Realm (Factions) I Want To Be Staff At Survival Too But I Think Survival Players Are Calm And Chill :)

    I Hope I Can Do The Best To Help This Amazing Server :D
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2018 at 4:50 AM
  2. Rank:Mcmmo Level III-fac got reset so no more of those mcmmo rank i think.
  3. 123propack

    123propack Member

    You do report alot of people that break the rules but in the evidence (screenshots) i can see you being very toxic and mean to people -1. My opinion.
  4. orgonist

    orgonist Member

    Sorry Il Try To Fix My Self But From Now One Il Never be toxic and mean :( il do my best to help people from now one
  5. Hewittassassin29

    Hewittassassin29 Active Member

    Stick with factions.

    +1 for me, like the app
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  6. orgonist

    orgonist Member

    Thanks Brother
  7. Ryan/Bionic

    Ryan/Bionic Fresh Spawn

    Very nice person indeed! He really is a good guy that has the ability to help out on this server.

    Go for it, mate! +1mil

    Yours truly,
  8. orgonist

    orgonist Member

    Thanks Bro!
  9. DarkKnight5116

    DarkKnight5116 Fresh Spawn

    Last edited: Jul 13, 2018 at 6:49 AM
  10. orgonist

    orgonist Member

    I will do my best :D
  11. alfred132

    alfred132 Member

    Friendly,Supportive,Chilly +1 i support him
  12. orgonist

    orgonist Member

    thx bro
  13. Ghost483

    Ghost483 Fresh Spawn

    Do your best orgonist! +1
  14. orgonist

    orgonist Member

    I will :D

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