Presenting Map 15: Invasion

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    Greetings humans,

    I'm very pleased (and relieved) to finally be able to present Map 15 to you, officially. I like to think of this map as the start of something new for us, and a big move into the right direction. We had to really take a step back and think about the direction we're going to go from this point forward and I believe that I have found a path for us. I've honestly missed having a very active factions community. Sometimes I would get tired of dealing with the toxicity, but as these past few months have gone by without a lot of you guys, I realized that I actually missed having people bug me all the time for new stuff and fixes. It means that you are invested and actually care, which means a lot.. Anyway, I know you're all ready to just see what we've got for you, so here it is!


    I present to you the Invasion Realm. Without further ado, I will go over all of what will be new or changing with this map. But first, I would like to explain the story behind the new map!


    The year is 2050.. The world is more advanced than it has ever been, but it's also closer to the end than ever before. Unidentified creatures from unknown dimensions have came to Earth to gain influence and control over humans, and have allied up with artificially intelligent Cyborgs to do it. In these near-apocalyptic times, you must fight, steal and do whatever it takes to survive and gain resources. Having advanced technology and a strong shelter is a must, or you will quickly meet your demise. Only the most technologically advanced and ruthless factions will thrive in this hostile environment of Aliens, Cyborgs and Agents. You are the only remaining intelligent lifeforms on the planet, so which side are you on?


    We have a new spawn that's based on the map 12 spawn, but re-made to look more like it belongs in the future and to fit in with our theme better.



    If you guys remember the Map 12 warzone, you'll notice that this one may be somewhat familiar. It's built off of the same one, but it has been improved a lot. It's themed to match the spawn and has a lot more creativity put into it than the previous one. We've also added a lot more places to PvP underground and hiding places. Since it is an enclosed warzone, there needs to be many places to hide if you're getting ganked. Currently, there are 3 KoTHs and 1 "Outpost" (Domination) map. We plan on adding more in updates.


    I really like this part of the Warzone. It resembles some sort of military trading outpost. We are eventually going to have interactive Warzone events where that door you see back there will open and allow players to adventure into a new area for battles, and possibly escape.

    She's thicc, has purple hair, hunts aliens, and has one eyeball. She's perfect.

    The "Launch" KoTH can be seen in the background here.


    Since Invasion is based in the year 2050, we've gone a bit more high tech for our enchantments. They are now chips instead of books. All new chips have been created and there are currently 69 new chips that can be installed to your armor and tools. The majority of them are similar to enchants we had on map 14 or in past maps, but we have also coded quite a few new ones. Some old and overpowered enchants such as Rage are not part of the new system, and have been replaced with chips that are good, but not completely overkill.

    We plan on taking this high-tech move a lot further and implementing several of our own features to this new addition throughout the map.

    They are still obtained by using /ce, but the menu is called the Black Market.

    Here are some cool new chips I'd like to mention:
    • Homebound (All items) → items with this have a chance to be teleported to a nearby faction member when you die.
    • Malfunction (Axes) → temporarily disables both your and your opponent's potion effects and chips.
    • Devastation (Axes) → has a chance to temporarily remove an opponent's health boost.
    • Vision (Armor) → has a high chance of removing the blindness effect.
    • Reinforced (Armor) → lessens the amount of durability damage armor takes.
    • Exposed (Swords) → has a chance to remove a piece of an opponent's armor.
    • Fitted (Armor) → helps protect armor from being "exposed."
    • Antidote (Armor) → has a high chance to remove the poison effect.
    • Slice (Swords) → has a chance to deal more damage to an opponent.
    • Crush (Axes) → has a chance to deal more damage to an opponent.


    New Faction Commands

    There are a lot of new faction commands and features you guys have been wanting for a while. Factions will have 50 players max and 1 ally.
    • /f ban
    • /f unban
    • /f banlist
    • /f lowpower
    • /f coords
    • /f showclaims
    • /f coleader
    • /f setwarp
    • /f warp
    • /f checkpoint
    • /f tnt
    • /f vault
    • /f banner

    Character Role System

    Upon joining, you may now choose what character role you would like to play as. There are 3 character roles (or classes, whichever you prefer to call them) to choose from: Alien, Agent and Cyborg. Each class has subtle differences in the perks they can unlock, but they are all pretty similar at this point in time. Aliens have a special ability that lets them have shorter ender pearl cooldowns, but as a trade-off, their kits aren't quite as strong. Agents have stronger weapons, and Cyborgs are like the tanks, with better armor in their kits. Be careful with choosing your class, because you will not be able to change it once you have selected one. We will be implementing a way to change your class some time after the release, but it will not be free to do so.

    After you progress through all 10 levels of your class, you will be able to prestige. Prestiging will reset your McMMO and give you an op kit that you will keep for the period of the map. There will be more than one prestige, so you will be able to get more of these op kits if you decide you want to grind hard.

    Fishing Area

    We have added a fishing area in the spawn, which is mostly just for looks right now (or mcmmo fishing). We added it to make way for a future addition though, which will have to do with fishing of course!

    Crate Area

    The paid crates have their own area in the spawn now.



    We have added a way for you to place blocks and buy them without visiting the shop or the GUI menu. It's called Print Mode. It can be enabled with /printer on and will charge you based on the prices in the shop when you place blocks. This will be very useful for cannons and base work, just don't use printer for crops of course.

    Printer Mod Issues

    We have fixed the issue where players get kicked when they are using the Printer Mod. Yay!

    Shop GUI

    All of the blocks in the shop have been added to a GUI menu for convenience when doing base-work.

    Meteor Showers

    Meteor showers will occur every few hours, raining down special crates that can be opened and looted. They will drop in both the spawn warzone and in the /warp end Warzone.

    Boss Realm

    We have built an entirely new warp just for bosses, and it's like a whole PvP warp in and of itself. Bosses will be spawned and fought here. It can be found at /warp boss.


    End Warzone

    The end now has its own pvp area for those of you who like having an open warzone and traps. It will also have a KoTH, but not on the release. It will come in a future update.



    We have updated our Anti-Cheat to help aid us in defending against hacks.


    There are 3 types of leaderboards under the spawn in a bank vault. There's leaderboards for FTOP, McMMO and Balance.


    Water will no longer cover spawners or chests. It will stop flowing when it gets near it to prevent us from having to interrupt your raids to remove water from chests. Obsidian will also be prevented from placing over spawners to prevent players from breaking that rule as well.

    Auto Sponge

    Sponge is now broken in one hit with your fist, so it's much easier and faster to get rid of or move if you placed it in the wrong spot.

    Hopper Limit

    We are raising the Hopper limit from 750 to 1,000. We might raise it more in the future, but it will stay there for the time being.

    Chaos Blocks

    Chaos Blocks are obtainable from server events such as KoTH and hold value on FTOP. They can be placed, but not moved. Once you or someone else breaks one, it will be gone forever. They can be destroyed with TNT and ceggs as well, so yes, they are raidable!

    Chaos KoTH

    Chaos KoTH's will be scheduled on the weekends to start automatically. These KoTH's will have better loot and also a chance to get Chaos Blocks.


    Domination is replacing our outpost system. It works pretty much the same way as outposts, though. There is currently one Domination Map called Lab, as seen here.


    New Crates

    One problem with Map 14 was the lack of things to buy in the store. We've got new crates and will be adding more over time, depending on what you guys want.


    You guys have wanted this for a really long time, and we might plan on hosting them here and there if you guys can handle it. It will largely depend on how well they go and whether or not people enjoy themselves or wind up salty and arguing with each other. We will not go out of our way to host events if you guys cannot be good sports.

    Other Events

    We plan to hold Staff vs. Server events more frequently, especially on weekends. @Tebl will be able to help us out with these, and we're open to other types of small events like these, so feel free to suggest them.

    Better Dueling System

    We have an improved dueling system that allows for item and money betting, something you guys have wanted for a long time.

    Content & Updates

    I would love to start focusing on factions more and giving you guys plenty of new content throughout the map, instead of just letting it stay the same and fixing bugs here and there. This is an area we have slacked off on since we started paying out ftop rewards at the end of maps. It's more expensive now to make maps than it used to be because of that, so less time and effort put into them after the release has been somewhat of a trade-off. I don't believe it should be like that anymore, though.

    New Manager

    We've never had any form of manager before, aside from myself. But @Tebl has offered to help us out in that area and it will remove a huge burden from my shoulders so I can focus more on what I'm good at, so we can put out more content and updates. It's very hard for me to deal with all of the staff and moderation calls effectively on factions even at our current size. Tebl will be a great asset for us to help smooth things out, and I'm thankful that he's here.

    F-TOP Prize

    Last but not least, will be giving out $500 PayPal at the end of the map (~120 days) for the top 3 factions.

    > 1st place: $350 <
    2nd place: $100 <
    3rd place: $50 <


    - Friday, July 6th 3 pm EST

    SOTW - Saturday, July 7th, 4 pm EST.

    The grace period will last until July 14th, one week after the release.

    Note: Some things may be updated on this thread before the release to include more detailed information.
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    Finally 9Pm EOTW !! amazing long ass thread
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    Sexy mexy
  5. Osleya

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  6. giga_08

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    Can you tell us more about chaos blocks? Also, why is faction roster 40, I thought we all wanted 50 man factions.
  7. Justugh

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    ▲ ▲

  8. Triozics

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    Dang sexy
  9. JammTheGoat

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    Y'all also wanted allies, so I gave 1 ally and lowered it to 40.
  10. Triozics

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    How many coleaders will you be capable of promoting?
  11. giga_08

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    What'll we do to our recruits? We already have 50 man faction, so does Autobots.
  12. JammTheGoat

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    I'll raise it then, no big deal.
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    sounds dope
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    I’m fine ;)
  15. YouBeCombo

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    I don’t want to be picky here but why is it only 1 week grace period and then 4pm est I thought it was 3pm est and 2 week grace period
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    Men in black inspiration ? Super excited for the map though, good job I can see why it has been taking such a long time. Im excited for what lies ahead! :D
  18. Tebl

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    Congratulations to all of the staff and help that has worked or had any part in Map 15 whatsoever. Your big release is finally here and I'm so glad to be a part of it!

    Very excited to see what the future of ConspiracyCraft holds for everyone, and I appreciate being here.
    Please let me know if anyone has any concerns on Discord @ Tebl#4815 and I'll be sure to get back to you.

    Great job everyone, that's a wrap for Map 14!
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    Did you guys decide on how /fly was going to be for the start of map 15? Limited to high donors or open to everyone or no one at all?
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    Free faction fly for everyone, and fly everywhere for Warlords.
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