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Discussion in 'Invasion' started by JammTheGoat, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. JammTheGoat

    JammTheGoat ▲ Owner ▲ Staff Member

    ..have been here for so long. Why? What makes you choose us over others?

    Just curious.
  2. SilverGlove

    SilverGlove Hmm Staff Member

    Something Different. Simply.
  3. Billynguy

    Billynguy Jesus Staff Member

    cuz staff r gret her
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  4. giga_08

    giga_08 Well-Known Member

    Well, I've been here for almost 3 years now, and im in love with the server, with community.
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  5. iToastyToast

    iToastyToast Active Member

    Because it feels like home.
  6. KingRektYou

    KingRektYou Active Member

    Because cc has always been fun time playing and making great friends
  7. bibsonline

    bibsonline Fresh Spawn

    Because I can't charge back my money so I don't want to waste it
  8. RevGamer

    RevGamer Member

    the community and the owner care about players and always want to do more
  9. Sami_Darkangel

    Sami_Darkangel Conspiracy Bot Staff Member

    That's a very interesting question...

    I found this server (or rather, its name, IP and banner) 872 days ago on a random list of cracked Minecraft servers and its mysterious 'vibe' instantly piqued my curiosity. For me it was the name (and the inclusion of mcMMO and a 'Survival' mode in the server's description) that really caught my eye. I asked myself "Why 'Conspiracy'?" and decided to join a couple hours later.... and I've been here since the day I first added this server to my Multiplayer server list, speaking of which, it's still the only server on my list to this day:


    "But why tho?"

    I never bothered to look for another server because I had a feeling that I was gonna love this server and enjoy playing here, and I'm glad to know that I was right. Over the last 2 years, I've made quite a few friends and learned a great deal about Minecraft, moderating/managing, server plugins and a whole lot of other things that I've failed to mention.

    I might not be as active as I once used to be or find the game itself as interesting as I once found it, but one thing's for sure.. I intend on staying here till the end and I will continue to offer my help to the server, its owner and its players. I couldn't leave even if I wanted to, 'cuz I'm committed and I got too much to lose.

    Heh, to this day I still wonder what would've happened if I never came across or joined ConspiracyCraft and how different would things be (for me and this server) if I weren't a part of it.

    To sum up: CC is love, CC is life.

    Jk, Jamm found and activated me on January 24th, 2016 to help him moderate (and manage) the server because he realized how popular his server has gotten and that no human had the capability to do it all and not break a sweat.
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  10. RazotayX

    RazotayX Well-Known Member

    Dont want to leave the community, wouldn’t feel right to join another server even it was better then this.
    Ill be honest, this is the first Minecraft faction server I ever played and Im too attached to it to leave it. <3 CC is Love, CC is Life.
  11. osu

    osu Member

    i was here since map 11 my old ign was "ColdPvP"or something like that and i have been here for this long just for the simple reason that this was my first server when i wasn't premium and i will always play on ▲conspiracycraft▲
    also because i love the community and the active staff members.
  12. Osleya

    Osleya Sr. Mod Staff Member

  13. ExtraLIfee

    ExtraLIfee Member

    cuz i cant buy prem LOL
    jk i love the community <3
  14. alvar04

    alvar04 Member

    Possibly the best cracked server for New-Experienced players in factions and survival.
  15. YouBeCombo

    YouBeCombo Well-Known Member

    I've played longer but I do agree with giga
  16. BlazeRektYou

    BlazeRektYou Member

    Cause I didn't have premium MC back in 2013, but I never really found another server that I enjoyed like CC. (except one that shut down lol)
  17. Triozics

    Triozics Active Member

    Becuz smoke is like chicken nugget
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  18. ANXtreme

    ANXtreme Fresh Spawn

    Because I like being false banned week in week out
  19. YMbrothers

    YMbrothers Active Member

    Less Pay2Win, less offensive players in Survival, less OP stuff.
    More friendly players, more staff who care, more Maths.

    3 Less. 3 More. #SimplicityFTW
  20. alvar04

    alvar04 Member

    Staff false ban you?!?! ;.;

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