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    Hello, everyone.

    I would like to formally announce the beginning of ConspiracyCraft's Community Update, as well as introduce myself to all of you in a new light.

    The Community Update is going to be exactly as it sounds: focused on YOU! Each and every single one of you is going to be prioritized to the max with the rework of the staff system, so productivity is increased, as well as community interaction and involvement.

    How will this work?
    A brand new role has been introduced within the staff system, called "Manager". The job description entails just as it suggests, managing the server.

    Specific details on what Manager is
    Manager will be a higher up rank on the staff system hierarchy, and it will deal directly with promoting and demoting of staff members, reworking the staff system, revamping and introducing old and new aspects of roles, close communication and interaction with everyone, encourage to be social and voice your opinion freely without consequence, genuine passion for the interests throughout and treat all situations as they are different and fair.

    Who is involved?
    Essentially, everyone is going to be involved more than ever. However, Sami will be the Survival Manager, and I will have the honor to be the Factions Manager.

    Why are we doing this?
    I recently contacted Jamm about some concerns discussing the current state of the Conspiracy Factions server, to gain insight on the upcoming launch of Map 15 and how within the community, there needs to be some change. We both agreed and began talking. By introducing the Manager rank, along with other additions to the team and more, Jamm will have more time to work on other responsibilities, and have other members of the team focus on what they are good at doing, rather than only offering moderation roles. In doing so, an organized team catered to each individual on it specifically will allow peak performance much more often, and players such as yourself feeling heard again.

    Being the Manager of a Conspiracy server is to continue to flourish the great interaction and love for the community as we all know, and to bring that spark back to life, just as any other member of the team has as an equal goal in mind, too. Taking this position seriously is a passion of mine. Our goal with Factions is to create the best and most unique Factions server available with frequent updates, high quality content, and professional management.
    As far as Survival goes, Sami will also be minimizing toxic and negative acts in chat, encourage the use of reporting bugs over abusing them, allowing others to openly share their opinions without hesitation, suggest features to vote on (such as events) for players to participate in, be a designated member of the team for issues, manage the staff team, and be able to create the best overall environment possible on Survival.

    With the many weights released off of other sections of roles, the rework will provide enhancements to the server such as allowing more time to be focused on a better and more optimized Anti-Cheat as much as possible and fix a lot of issues revolving around that and other areas that tarnish your experience playing the server you love.

    Conspiracy would be nothing without its players, and we want to cater to all of you as much as possible to create the best experience you can possibly have on our upcoming Map 15 release, full of content and consistent updates all throughout to never lose its touch of excitement, and have as much input from all of you as possible to be the best map yet.

    As I will now be the Factions Manager, representing all of you is my main purpose and I'd love nothing more than to hear all of your thoughts through comments, in-game, or privately. Feel free to message me on the Forums or on Discord @ Tebl#4815 if you would like to do so. I encourage all of you to voice your opinions freely without worry or hesitation of backlash or any other consequences. I strongly advise free speech without holding back so we can take your concerns and have them advised. I want to be as disclosive, honest, open, honest and true about everything going on more often, and have all of you be informed to the latest news and state of the server with complete transparency about Conspiracy. These actions will be done through continuous interaction with players through conversation and frequent updates on the forums. We also encourage all players and staff alike to use voice chat on our Discord more often, to have what feels like the most real interactions you can get behind a screen, so the bonds we have together become meaningful and not forced.

    Manager will not only be a leadership role introduced, nor reworked, in this update. We recognize the enthusiasm from our player-roles, such as Trusted/Reporter, and we would love to have you all feel more included and noticed as an essential part of this team, just as any other member is, and more information on these changes will be followed up with later on at some other time. However, keeping with the promise of being open, Trusted will be reworked in a sense that it has more value to being able to contribute, with a leader (or possibly more) to represent the team and then have those direct relations be passed up through the system to work on those concerns.

    I understand that a drastic and sudden change like this can be unsettling, but allowing big risks can create extraordinary changes, and I'd love to be a part of that alongside all of you, equally, and that is what I promise to do in an unbiased environment for both players and staff. I think we can all agree that change is something that is currently needed to create an amazing experience for everyone on Conspiracy, and I'm grateful to be with all of you to do so.

    Anything related to the community and staff will now be addressed by me, so please come talk to me as much as possible for all of your needs regarding those types of things, and anything related to moderation will be directed to those applicable roles, as Manager will be more managerial and in development.

    To wrap up this post, I would like to thank all of you for this opportunity and privilege the community has given me to have been offered to be here. I will do my best efforts to make sure you are all represented in the best manner possible. This update is all about inclusion and maintaining a proper and steady relationship with all of you, more than about being a job or task, but because the passion lives within all of us to strive and push to a better server, because there is always room for improvement.

    See you all out there!
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  2. Tebl

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    Reserved for any future notice
  3. JammTheGoat

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    Tebl is gonna help #MakeFactionsGreatAgain
  4. HunterzXP

    HunterzXP Member

    This looked like it took ages to write! glad to have a Factions Manager now!
  5. EternalAceGames

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  6. Beezy

    Beezy Helper Staff Member

    Welcome back dude, I hope your staying this time :D
  7. Triozics

    Triozics Active Member

    Yes please ;o
  8. KingRektYou

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    Again? Memes
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  9. YouBeCombo

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    Congrats man!!!! Question how did you convince jamm to add manager rank LOL
  10. mcplayer12

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    To begin I'd just like to say congratulations on getting the Manager role. I was wondering, and I'm sure others may be aswell. Have you had any experience with being a Manager before? If so, where and was it essentially the same as what you will be doing now? I'd also like to hear a little about your time on cc, for those of us who haven't been around for the longest time, we don't have any idea who you are. I came on yesterday and it seemed you had just recieved the Helper rank again without any sort of application, now you're managing the entire staff team xD. Would just like to hear a little about yourself.
  11. 123propack

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    Nice Congrats on manager rank hope you do make factions better.
  12. Sami_Darkangel

    Sami_Darkangel Conspiracy Bot Staff Member

    [NB: The following post is directed towards Survivalists]
    [Don't worry, I'm going to keep it short, simple and to the point.]

    First and foremost, thank you for entrusting me with the role of managing the Survival server, Jamm.

    Though I can't promise to change things overnight, I will try to introduce incremental changes and improvements that lead up to something huge! Of course I can't do it all alone, and that's where you guys, yes you, come in. I'm open and looking forward to hearing your feedback!

    Do note that this won't change or affect who I am or how I behave in-game or on the forums. I'm still the friendly but mysterious entity who joined this server 868 days ago and who still enjoys helping anyone in need and is impartial to all. If you require assistance, want to report someone or something, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me in-game, on the forums or on Discord (Sami#6585).

    Together you and I can [pls forgive me for this:] #makeSurvivalGreatAgain by encouraging a friendly, accepting, and joy-filled atmosphere for our existing players and of course, the new comers as well!

    Cheers :D ^^
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  13. bLueee

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    Welcome back tebl!
  14. Ryan/Bionic

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    This looks promising, good luck to you all!
  15. RazotayX

    RazotayX Well-Known Member

    Welcome Back!
    Hmmm, you said your iz given said Helper Rank. Lying is a bad start, Has you no shameth. Tsk, tsk, tsk.
  16. iToastyToast

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    Holy cow
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  17. Tebl

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    We talked very extensively and came to this conclusion. :)

    I have experience with many development roles in the past. In playing Minecraft for nearly a decade (Beta 1.0, so about 7 years), I'm grateful to have come across many experiences and with this privilege I've received, am willing to happily be able to help other servers along the way, all the while bettering my own knowledge and each server I take considerate time with. As far as specific examples go, I won't go into detail, however, I am qualified for this position and I am able to successfully take all of your feedback and criticisms in positive light. Whatever any concern by any player may be, I will be here to address those and any suggestions will be taken seriously into higher up management to view how they could potentially come into live action.

    Thank you all for the support thus far, glad you all seem to be enlightened by these recent changes. ;)
  18. cccccclydee

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    Factions is so F’ed...
  19. Tebl

    Tebl Active Member

    Cheer up, everyone’s input and suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks for your comment.
  20. Beezy

    Beezy Helper Staff Member

    A suggestion I have is that you bring back Chaos Koths. That will add a lot more hype into the server as well as a new duel system as this one has done its job, but has a lot more room for improvement.I also suggest that you guys make a mini event every month and it would be a place where players PvP for a tag and the last man standing gets it. That tag I am specifically thinking about is GoatOfTheMonth
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