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Discussion in 'Denied' started by YasouPlaYz_MC, Jun 8, 2018.

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  1. YasouPlaYz_MC

    YasouPlaYz_MC Fresh Spawn


    Date Joined:
    End of May 2017.
    Time Played:
    12 Days, 5 Hours and 29 Minutes.
    17, soon 18 in Oct.


    I am applying for a Helper.


    Hi! My name is Mateo. I'm 17, and I've been playing Minecraft for about 6 years now. I got medically discharged out of the Army for a broken leg, so I'm just trying to enjoy myself before I get back out in the real world. I've been playing music and singing for most of my life. I took piano lessons for 7 years and violin lessons for 9. I'm self-taught on the guitar, and I'm a master singer. :) Like I said, music has always been a part of my life. I used to play soccer and football in high school, but there's no going back to that now. Because of my leg, that is.


    i'm applying on this server because i'm more active on it and i'm passing more then 6 hours per day playing it and if i was staff i would be more active and i will work well for the best of the server .I like helping people out when they ask me for help i dont ignore them but i try my best to Offer them the help needed i'm mature enought to know that i shouldnt abuse the commands given to me and take the responsability and even if i was busy irl or ingame i will stop all what i'm doing when the server needs me even if this will be kinda all time XD i'm having a lot of free time and with my experience on this server i can be usefull for the server and for the people who ask me for help i'm not asking for helper rank to show off or something but without the tag and some perks i wont be that usefull all what i can do is welcoming players and helping the one who trust me i wont be able to help everyone cause some players dont trust random player to help them and its hapening a lot with me they are afraid . But with the tag they will know that i'm just helping them. all i want is to try my best to make conspiracy a better community.

    i have never been staff before , i didnt even applied on any other server but now i see that i should be staff once before its to late and i found out that this server is pretty good for me and i can offer some help on it even if i never been helper before but i have a lot of minecraft experience.



    ConspiracyCraft is an amazing server that has the most positive vibes. I cannot wait for the upcoming updates! Thanks for reading my application :)
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  2. Beezy

    Beezy Moderator Staff Member

    A bit of the info is off, in the age section you say your 17, in the about you say your 19
  3. YasouPlaYz_MC

    YasouPlaYz_MC Fresh Spawn

    CellPhone Using Sorry
  4. Tebl

    Tebl Active Member

    Formatting is a bit off. Too bright, too much underline, font should be more simplistic. I'd advise you reformat and recheck grammar usage for professionalism.

    Will check back at a later date.
  5. Ryan/Bionic

    Ryan/Bionic Active Member

    First off, I have never seen you help out people or even say a word in chat.
    Secondly, your use of grammar and communication skills are highly crucial so you can interact with the community. Hence, I suggest you start practicing English a bit and correcting the mistakes you have committed in your application.

    You do not meet the requirements to be staff, do NOT give up yet. Try becoming more helpful in the network and after a few weeks. Repost a new, clean and good application, you will get accepted eventually.

  6. Tebl

    Tebl Active Member

    Thank you for at least acknowledging my comment, but for the reasons which allowed me to comment in the first place, I still have not seen those changes. My comment was an opportunity for you to fix things to look more professional, straight down to capitalization and colors. Keep it simple.

    Thanks for applying and feel free to do so in the future if you choose to.

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