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    The June Build Event announcement is here! The votes are in and the roman style theme won the poll.


    The theme will be based around Roman/Greek architecture. Here are some examples:

    • No inappropriate structures.
    • Build must be posted on /survival forum with 5 screenshots and coords.
    • Add a story or poem about your build in forum post (optional, bonus points).
    • Do not copy another player's build.
    • No schematica mod.
    • One player per submission (no teams).
    • Build must've been built after the announcement (no old builds).
    • Do not build near any other submissions or collaborate.

    1st place - 3 Legendary Keys, personal access to a house of your choice in spawn for a month, featured in forum post with winners, your statue in spawn.

    2nd place - 2 Legendary Keys, featured in forum post with winners, your statue in spawn.

    3rd place - 1 Legendary Key, featured in forum post with winners, your statue in spawn.









    The deadline to finish your build and post it on the survival category of the forums will be June 30th. We will begin judging on the July 1st.

    Submission format

    Build name:

    Location: (coordinates, pm them to me if you would like them to be private)

    Screenshots: (5 of them pls)

    Story/Poem: (optional)

    Next Event

    We will have these build events every month! You will be able to vote for next months theme on Discord. Feel free to suggest some here before we make the polls.
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  2. alvar04

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    Roman and greeks or ROMANIAN there is a big difference @JammTheGoat
  3. Jamm

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    Roman, sorry for the confusion.
  4. Black_Recluse

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    Consider Fiction Fantasy for next month's poll topics
  5. RazotayX

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  6. Area51 would've won HAHAHA

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