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    Greetings Survivalists!

    The results are in for the build competition! There were only 4 submissions for this month's competition, but I think they were pretty solid!


    1st place - @Lauren (Lost Voices)

    Chasing Lost Voices by @Lauren
    My sandals ripped on the water course, and dad was scared I would get injured if I keep going barefoot, so he quickly went back to our car and brought a pair of his big yellow rubber boots that he likes to wear when he goes fishing.
    They were huge on me, he laughed and said "you look adorable", they were way to big on me, they got filled up to the brim with water from the river and it felt like I was carrying 2 huge buckets on my legs.
    I told my dad "I hate them, they are so heavy, I prefer walking barefoot", he crouched down and put his hand on my shoulder and told me with a big warm smile "They weigh you down, so one day, when you are ready to take them off, you will be able to fly", I took a second glance at them, the wet rubber shined under the sunlight, and it made me feel at ease.

    It has been 2 years now, that i've been trying to catch a fish all by my own.
    Dad is not here to teach me, he never really got to.
    The left overs from his boat crash are now full with green mold and sea weed, it almost looks like nature swallowed him with the boat.
    Today i'm turning 12, "Happy birthday dear" grandma said, followed with a big box that she placed on my lap while my eyes were closed.
    The box was huge, but not heavy, As I opened it I saw more than just the shiny yellow color, I saw memories, I saw happiness, I saw hope, and love, I felt at ease, And then I heard it.
    I jumped on my grandma with a huge hug and thanked her, without even taking a bite out of my cake I quickly chased the lost voices down to the lake.
    I put on my dad's yellow rubber boots which no longer were so big on me like I remembered.
    And I heard him, heard him telling me to throw the rod as far as I can, I heard him telling me not to roll the string back to hard, heard him telling me that it's ok not to succeed at the first time, I heard him telling me to support the rod with 2 hands, heard him telling me to believe in my self.
    And then it happened, I've caught my first fish.
    Thanks, dad.

    2nd place
    - @AxNeoGaming (Saturn's Sand Titan)

    Saturn's Sand Titan by @AxNeoGaming
    Only statues,
    Parts of faded fables,
    Forgotten by humanity.
    The statues of societies,
    Decaying and folding to moss and mold,
    Not yet gone,
    with nature chipping away at it,
    The water eroding it,
    One of the humans few,
    Worthwhile contributions.

    3rd place - @ExtraLIfee (Dystopia Steampunk)

    Dystopian Steampunk by @ExtraLIfee
    A prodigy mechanical engineer was banished along with his loyal followers to the wasteland of That, they were accused of witchcraft but the engineer was a close friend to the Queen of the kingdom so they were only exiled. After one month of travelling they stumbled upon an unclaimed jungle which they made their homeland. They continued their work to create the Unlimited Generator which can power a kingdom for ions. Their leader successfully created the generator placing it inside the Statue of Engine and powering the entire town but unfortunately the Generator was unstable due to insufficient materials to stabilize the Generator causing to kill all the engineers and leaving the town empty. The overflow of energy from the Generator created a force field that if any living organism enters will be poisoned by radiation and overwhelming power causing overflow from the body.

    That's all for May's build event! Please check the #polls channel under the Survival section in discord to vote for June's theme if you want to participate :)
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    Aye GG Lolen!! :p:p
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    Omg !!!! Thank you so so much, it was a pleasure
    I want to thank my mom for believing in me , and my brother for telling me I was an awe full builder
    I wanna thank forever21 (not sponsored) for inspiring the big yellow boots
    Thank you all, love ya ❤️
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    Ayeeeee! GG! @ExtraLIfee, @AxNeoGaming and @Lauren !
    You three did a great a job!

    @ExtraLIfee, hahahahaha you got to third place even though you started 7 days before the Free Style Build Event Clooses!

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    GG guysss!

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