Map 15 FTOP Arrangement & Rant

Discussion in 'Invasion' started by Goazart, May 12, 2018.

  1. Goazart

    Goazart Owner Staff Member

    It's clear that servers with larger ftops are dominating the game right now. It also helps to bring back old players. What do you guys think would be a fair amount and how often should it be paid out? Weekly, monthly, or end of map and the amount. If at the end of the map, specify how long you think a map should last.

    To be honest I think we might do better with shorter maps at some point. One reason faction servers die after 2 months these days is because no one really likes joining so far into a map since everyone is so far ahead. Maybe we should shorten the map a bit or possibly have 2 faction servers with 4 month maps and have resets timed to where we always have one every 2 months to keep the playercount up.

    Our current predicament

    The main reason Conspiracy has slowed down the past 6 months is because minecraft in general is losing some ground, but it's also because the cracked niche itself is dying out. Most of our players we have found us from a cracked server list. We are currently #6 on the top cracked servers list under the big networks (which all suck in my opinion), but yet we don't have enough players to fill 2 gamemodes. This means we have to adapt and focus more on finding new players from other sources, or climb that cracked list and compete with the other cracked servers more heavily (ie: adding more gamemodes). The one and only reason those networks get most of the new player joins is because their playercounts are high and they have more to choose from, and also some of them are EU based. Making an EU based cracked server is the smart thing to do since most cracked players are from EU, but I always wanted to stay in the US simply because most of the higher paying customers come from the US (sorry, it's just true). Plus, EU players still play here regardless of the ping being slightly higher.

    I'm not giving up on the server or anything, but something has to change here if we want to see an upward trend. I love doing this more than anything but if the server doesn't make enough for me to comfortably pay for basic things like plugins, builds, development, graphic design and advertising, it becomes very hard for me to invest in the future and growth of the network. We need to become a top 3 cracked server and kick ass on map 15 so we can branch out and add new servers and initiate the takeover. If anyone deserves this shit, it is us. We've been going hard since 2013 my doods. I'm done losing. It's either us or them, and guess what, I'm not going down without a fight.
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  2. KingRektYou

    KingRektYou Active Member

    @JammTheGoat First of all, players dont join factions is because the cannoning sucks here (Not same as other cannon servers like oneshot) please add /server cannon if you want people to play factions, there are alot of factions (players) who i know personally and dont play on cc because the cannoning is very diffeerent and it is nearly impossible to test cannons without cannon server, and when there was cannon server it lagged its balls out the server
    Also you should add back /server Cannon along with Map 15 so people can test cannons and make them work!
    Make F Top Weekly Also you need to add some buycraft so its worth getting that f top, many people don't go for f top because the f top is low (paypal) but they do go for f top if there is some buycraft and some f top1/2/3 i think for next map you should make FTop 1/2/3 Because its kinda hard to get f top 1 if one guy goes p2w and gets over 500M alone from cc keys. Please make it stable!

    Or make it like shotmc cannon work here! also add TNTBANK for next map and faction deposits/withdraw ples !
  3. Goazart

    Goazart Owner Staff Member

    You always make up some crap for why ppl aren't playing that lines up with your own agenda lmao. No one knows cannons don't work well before they join.
  4. KingRektYou

    KingRektYou Active Member

    The ticks on this server is very different and there is no way to test it and that's why cannoner don't play on here because cannons don't work xd
  5. KingRektYou

    KingRektYou Active Member

    Make map 6 weeks or 2 months
  6. YouBeCombo

    YouBeCombo Well-Known Member

    uhh Have Weekly F top no PayPal just buy craft since this server would be better like that and jam can have Bigger f top

    so here are my ideas have f top 1-5

    This is my monthly idea
    F top #1 = 200
    F top #2 = 150
    F top #3= 100
    F top #4 = 75
    F top #5 = 50

    Weekly F top

    F top #1 = 50
    F top #2 =40
    F top #3= 30
    F top #4= 20
    F top #5= 10
    This is just my opionion I don't want any drama about this..
  7. KingRektYou

    KingRektYou Active Member

    Buycraft said works good
  8. giga_08

    giga_08 Well-Known Member

    Cannons do work, you have to do more than just copying it from YouTube.
  9. Sayril

    Sayril Active Member

    umm how about use a better plugin as ryryro told me paperspigot is better than the current one ( but idk )

    the ftop should be weekly so factions would raid more often to compete for f top

    ftop 1-$15
    ftop 2-$10
    ftop 3-$5

    and the current youtubers upload every 2 months :v or some of them doesn't upload anymore
    how bout you play on map 15 and upload like 3 videos every week so it'll advertise the server and as ure the owner it would bring more attention :v
  10. _Annerose_

    _Annerose_ Member

    mcmmo skills back? disabling swords and axes stats/skills kind of ruins the whole point of mcmmo pvp, increase the unbreaking level by 1 or 2 for armor since rage is dumb or remove it :D. potion prices lower in warp pvp and spawners in warp shop make voting get more rewards? like 1/25 chance to get "X Golden Apples", buy a few sponsors for premium server sites, in my opinion 3 month/4 month maps, some drop parties by staff, you JammTheGoat the owner should visit by sometimes and chat with players so people get to know what kind of a owner you are
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  11. giga_08

    giga_08 Well-Known Member

    I think we shouldn't have caps on mcmmo skills, it would promote mcmmo grinding, dont you think? @JammTheGoat
  12. RyanePlayz

    RyanePlayz Member

    well you got the stuff i said about paperspigot wrong
    paperspigot isnt a plugin its like a much lightweight version of spigot (something that runs the server with the console) which has an option to fix cannon mechanics (make it like 1.7.10 cannon mechanics) and also doesnt cause much lag in the server when compared to normal spigot when large cannons are fired
    im not sure if jamm is using paper spigot or a plugin to fix cannon mechanics but if jamm is using a plugin id suggest you change to paperspigot as it is 100% compatible with everything spigot has to offer and you could just replace your spigot jar file with paper spigot and launch it once to make the extra configs paperspigot has to offer.

    reason being that im saying this is 1.8 had a change in redstone mechanics from 1.7.10
    because of this though you have a cannon plugin that works decently well it still wouldnt work for many people who dont know how to cannon or are new to cannoning because you would have to make different types of cannons just to work on this server.......if you cant change that you would probably have to bring back the cannon server which needs to have the same redstone mechanics as the factions server and this time the cannon server nees to be run properly without lag....unlike last time i couldnt try and make any cannon because it used to lag horribly @JammTheGoat pls look into this
  13. bLueee

    bLueee Active Member

    I didn't really think we need buycraft / pp, maybe like something else other than money, and we didnt want "conspiraycraft" to be a f top money thingy

    but thats just my opinion
  14. bLueee

    bLueee Active Member

    i mean the "eu" make us look like we have reach, which is gay.
  15. YouBeCombo

    YouBeCombo Well-Known Member

    If that’s the case I say if you win f top make it like you can get an exclusive ranks or so something that’s not buycraft but like you win something that no one can get from buycraft but an exclusive rank that would be cool af
  16. RazotayX

    RazotayX Well-Known Member

    That wont really work for ppl looking for money, We're here mostly for the fun I would say, SO ranks would work for us but not for ppl here for Paypal.
  17. RazotayX

    RazotayX Well-Known Member

    Make Every 5 Maps 6 Months long, then the normal maps 2-3 months.
    Add HCF, Kitpvp, Practicepvp, or UHC. Something new Maybe SkyWars Bedwars or am i just ranting on?
  18. jaymantri

    jaymantri Active Member

  19. Goazart

    Goazart Owner Staff Member

    So I happened to see the earnings of one of those weekly ftop servers and after they pay out there's not much left over in the end. Also found out that the top server that does that uses player spoofing so it's not as big as it seems.

    We'll be sticking with just one at the end of the map.
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  20. Chrgama

    Chrgama Active Member

    I think maps should last 2-3 months because that's enough time for you to gather a generous amount of f top money while still having some to keep yourself afloat (assuming you add back more p2w options). Making the f top prize higher is also good because it will attract more players to the server that are actually gonna stay around and try to win the prize and obviously more players = more buycraft purchases = more money for you.

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