Conspiracy Build Event Results!

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    Greetings Survivalists!

    The results are in for the build competition! I seriously enjoyed judging and looking at the submissions. This was by far my favorite theme and result from a build event. Everyone who entered had good builds, but there are only three winners!


    #1 - @Rouzy (Moon Landing)

    #2 - @TheSparkely (Cottingley Fairies)

    #3 - @AxNeoGaming (SOS)

    Honorable Mention

    We really liked the creativity of this build so we decided to include it as an honorable mention ;)
    @DIMISS (Ender's Worst Nightmare)


    Other Submissions

    Here are the rest of the submissions for the contest!

    @KingRayven (A Jealous Dracula)

    @StrikerStrom_ParaIsles (Thanatos Hideout)
    Thank you all for competing in the Conspiracy Build Event this month! Contact Jamm for your prize if you were one of the 3 winners! :D

    The build event for May is live! Check it out here.
  2. Osleya

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    Good job everyone :p
  3. AxNeoGaming

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  4. Billynguy

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    :clap clap clap:
  5. WolfNaos

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    First time being a judge for this and let me tell you, I'm impressed. Good job to all that participated
  6. YouBeCombo

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    @JammTheGoat you should do this for factions but a Base building Competition :D
  7. Rouzy

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    ayeeeeeeee :D thanks guysss
  8. RazotayX

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    Good job!
  9. HammeR

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    very cool!

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