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ConspiracyCraft is the best 1.15/1.16 Minecraft survival server! We are open to all players, both premium and cracked.

| Server Threads Update |
Hello Theorists,

Just wanted to inform you all that several server threads have been changed and reworked. One of the major reworks are the Rules section! Rules now have been further clarified, have guidelines, and redone so its easier to read and navigate. Other threads have been redone to make it easier to navigate...

I come bearing good news: The "Survival RPG Update" is finally here, after much planning and work behind the scenes. I'd like to thank @Dabriel and @Old_Dutchbeard for making this possible! It is a lot further behind schedule than we hoped, but that is due to Ender and I wanting to refine the good work Dab had already done so it could meet its full potential for an impressionable release.

Survival has been lacking updates for quite a...