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ConspiracyCraft is the best 1.15/1.16 Minecraft survival server! We are open to all players, both premium and cracked.

We will probably be having many drop parties throughout the Summer. I usually post about them 30 minutes to an hour before it starts on our Facebook page.

Here's a link: https://www.facebook.com/ConspiracyCraft
If I can figure out how to tag people I'll start doing that, so you will get a notification when we make a post.

Happy Raiding,
Jamm :rolleyes:
It appears that our server has gone down for an unknown reason. I'm trying to get to the bottom of it and have contacted the host. Yea, I'm pissed off too, record breaking amount of players, was about to have a drop party.. Oh well, hopefully it will be back up within a few minutes.

It appears that it was a full fledged DDoS attack on the server. We have DDoS protection, it just took a few minutes for it to determine what type of attack it was. It kicked in after about 10 minutes, thankfully..