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ConspiracyCraft is the best 1.15/1.16 Minecraft survival server! We are open to all players, both premium and cracked.

The new donation shop is ready to go public! All of the item descriptions for crates and stuff like that aren't completely done yet, but it's all functional. There's 2 main new features that I want to talk about though. Subscriptions and upgrades.

Rank upgrades
Rank upgrades aren't anything new, I know. But there's just a slight change in how they are organized for the sake of saving time when upgrading. If you click on the upgrades tab, it will bring up, Warrior-Demigod upgrade options. If you are wanting to upgrade your rank, just click the...
If you are VIP, Veteran, or Titan. You will notice when you get on that your rank has been upgraded to the next up. This is due to me removing those ranks. They aren't needed, just makes for confusion and too many kits. Enjoy your free upgrade! You will even be able to upgrade your new rank as if you bought it as well. For instance, say Jimbo was a Titan, now Jimbo is Immortal! He can upgrade to Demigod too just as if he bought Immortal himself. You're welcome, Jimbo.

New Server Shop
The new non-Enjin donation site is on most complete. Feel...