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Hello everyone!

The maintenance is going smoothly thus far. The servers should start slowly coming up one by one, maybe tonight around 10pm Central. The first 2 servers to come up will HCF and KITPVP. This is due to them being the easiest to control. Survival will be up either later tonight, maybe 2 am, or possibly tomorrow morning. As for factions, I've already explained this. But it will not be coming up until we finish the update for it. So it could be down for 2-3 more days. Patience, my friends.
Due to pressing issues this week, we will have to whitelist the server while we tweak some things and do some needed work. No one will be able to join at this time, not even staff. It will just be done behind the scenes. I'll make another post when I confirm the beginning of the downtime. It could be tonight, tomorrow, or tomorrow night. I expect it to be down for 24 to 48 hours after the offical start. 48 hours isn't likely, but I don't want to undershoot the time-- as things tend to go wrong when you're in a hurry and under pressure.

It's that time of...