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May 16, 2015
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Admin, Male

Staff Member
    1. LenekFenkowski
      Hey Billy why did u ban my account LenekFenkowski?
    2. SlushyMonsta
      Hey billy pls unban me from discord thank you :v
    3. Ultimate_Pro80
    4. WarZones
      Banned on: 2020-05-25
      Ign: islam__malik
      Length of ban: Permanent.
    5. WarZones
      Ay man, I apologize for tunneling can I not get perm banned that's not a reasonable ban in my opinion, you just straight went for the perm ban, thank you for understanding.
    6. SlushyMonsta
      Or Atleast Reduce my length of ban
    7. SlushyMonsta
      Hello GoodMorning/GoodEvening Billy Im here to ask you to unban me
      Date of ban:16/5/2020
      cause of ban: Trolling(but i think it is spamming)
      Length of Ban :Permanent
      If you help me i really appreciate it
      Have A Nice Day Billy
    8. TheDarkside14
      Change your pfp you goated faction player. Billy for Owner!
    9. James Leynes
      James Leynes
      Good day! I'm an old player, ign's REB00T and I'm just wondering if there's a database of accounts because I can't log into my account. It's been years since I last played conspiracy and it will suck if I won't recover my base. Can you reset the password if you can? Thanks sir.
    10. Asriel
      Hey i have a question. When does the end reset ?
      1. Billynguy
        It won't be resetting for the near future.
        Feb 1, 2020
    11. TiredAries
      Hiii, I need some help. I can't join the server. It says "Timed out". My connection is fine and on other servers I can log in. Pls help me :c
      1. Sami_Darkangel
        Hello. We're aware of the issue and are working on it right now. Please give it a try after 10 or so minutes.
        Jan 13, 2020
    12. FlamingChicken
      Lmao hey bro. It’s me again FlamingCh1cken. Cool to see you still kicking it! Did Jamm sell the server or change owners or simply change his name? Don’t seem to see his name as the announcer for the website.
      1. Sami_Darkangel likes this.
      2. FlamingChicken
        Either way it’s nice seeing the server still up. Anyone else still around?

        p.s. Y’all should bring back “Grief” lmao. When Jamm setup a certain area of the map to be able to be blown up and we could pvp, fly, teleport, and blow each other up with TNT.

        (Continue because I can’t do more than 420 characters...)
        Nov 30, 2019
      3. FlamingChicken
        It was all in good fun though back in the day. I was literally like 11 now I’m going to college. Sheesh how time flies.

        Did the unicorn girl ever come back by the way? If you still remember. She was a mod when I was a jr mod
        Nov 30, 2019
      4. Billynguy
        Hey o/, nice to see you again. No he hasn't sold the server. his current name is Goazart but he still goes by Jam most the time. Grief was fun though, maybe he'll bring it back one of these days but the server is pure Survival now. Sadly no, I haven't seen Uni in a while :(. Still miss her from time to time, same with you and all the other old members. Best of luck to you in college though. Nice to see you again.
        Nov 30, 2019
    13. Ustipak
      my gf went thru the nether portal and she instantly died in overworld and it says that she died bcs she fell from high place. but i have she screenshot that shes in overworld. Pls help us.
    14. Drunky
      I forgot my darn server pw :/
    15. dizzyy
      can u unban me from discord i no spam again :(
      1. Billynguy
        You’ll have to message Jam since he’s the one that banned you from the discord.
        Aug 27, 2019
      2. dizzyy
        Aug 27, 2019
    16. Ustipak
      PLS HELP ME. Today i logged out and i hour later i logged in just to find that im dead from no reason! it just said you died! and im 100% sure i logged out manualy. And I lost all my stuff. there wasnt any stuff on the ground. And it all happened where my home is. Pls help me!
      1. RazotayX
        contact him on discord, so you can send your logs, etc.
        Aug 25, 2019
    17. dizzyy
    18. RazotayX
      Is SoTW at 3pm est?
      1. Billynguy
        No, It hasn't been announced.
        Aug 17, 2019
      2. RazotayX
        Thats odd, but okay.
        Aug 17, 2019
    19. rToxiicity
      Is there anyway to reset on an account of which I've forgotten the password (reset password). Also, I've got alts that have been banned but I thought alts were allowed if you had a rank. (Currently battlemage rank on factions).
      1. Billynguy
        You can DM me the account and I’ll look into it. Alts are not allowed unless it has a donor rank.
        Aug 15, 2019
      2. RazotayX
        The alt itself has to have a donor rank including the original account.
        Aug 17, 2019
    20. MuMU
      Hey man I'm not new to the Minecraft server my ign is Techasaur and due to no way of playing mc I have forgotten my login to the server I was wondering if I could get any help
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